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I am passionate when it comes to organizing. I organize, reorganize my organization and then analyze whether it’s perfect or not. For me, I like everything in my house and workspace to have its own spot without sacrificing the convenience of having it all at my fingerprint just when I need it.

I don’t believe there is one way, or even a “best way” to organize. Because we all have different stuff, clutter, daily agendas, layouts of our homes, and so on. But I thought I would share some fun ways Kloter Farms can help you organize every room in your home.


Slide-Out Recycle Drawer

The slide-out trash/recycle drawer. It’s available on most of our islands and it not only hides the trash and recyclables, it also utilizes the full depth of the island leaving no wasted space.

Mixer Lift

The mixer lift option is convenient for baking lovers. The mixer lift is super smooth to operate and gets neatly tucked away which means more counter space.

Coffee Bar

My favorite is the coffee bar. Because it unites two things I love…coffee and entertaining! The storage drawer is great for K-cups and the lower drawer is designed for a slide-out trash bin.

Dining Rooms

We all want a big enough table to host family and friends, but nothing that takes up too much of our daily living space. Therefore we have two styles of tables that can aid both. Our stowaway tables are solid top table that accommodates more guests when you extend the leaves from each side. Our self-storing tables hold up to 4 leaves in the center of the table so there are no leaves lying around the house.

Our Baltic Wine Cabinets combine function, style, and ease of entertaining in one unit. The best part is they can be completely customized for all your needs.

Add a drawer on select styles of our solid top leg tables. Store silverware, bibles, kids’ art supplies, or anything else you use often.


The most obvious would be our storage bedrail drawers, because who doesn’t need more clothes space? I know I do! The best part is there is nothing showing from under the bed. All you see are beautiful, solid hardwoods.

Our tech customers will love this one! The accessory organizer and power strip charge your devices right on your nightstand. This way they are neatly concealed but (don’t worry!) not too far out of reach.

Wall beds are the perfect solution if you host a lot of overnight company, but don’t have the space. You can also add side units for additional storage.


The Gettysburg Wall Shelf serves its purpose as both a towel rack and a place for canisters of soap, cotton swaps, toothbrush holders, and more.

Choose from several cupboards like the one shown below to store your towels and extra toiletries.

Don’t think an end table belongs in a bathroom? We think so! The Mission Magazine End Table has great storage below and a place to rest your clothes on top.

Living Rooms

Wall Units

The Dayton Wall Unit is a piece you stop and stare at. But it’s more than looks. This unit is it all. It can accommodate your TV devices, and with side bookcases and 4 drawer compartments, it will serve all your home theater needs.

Storage Ottomans

Even upholstered furniture can be used for organizing! Check out our Smith Brothers Storage Ottoman…

This is another one for the techies out there. We offer a laptop server so you can work and relax on your sofa at the same time.


Our Avondale workstation can be customized just to your exact liking. This is the epitome of neatness. Just check out all the options you can do… pull-out shelves, a letter stacker, mail-slots, design plans, and the list goes on. (Oh how this one makes me happy!)

This drop front desk is great for an office in a more prominent/visible location, like the kitchen. It’s perfect for daily use, and when you’re done, simply close it up.

For all you, DIY junkies out there, listen up! Take an island, customize it with shelves, cubbies, trash bins, and more, and turn it into a workspace that’s just right for your crafts and design projects.


While any furniture piece can go in an entryway, here are a few of my favorites…

So before the snow melts away and Spring is here and all you want to do is be outside, get the indoors under control. But if that still seems daunting, stop in because we are here to help!

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