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Shopping for a Mattress? Consider these Four Questions 

Picking a mattress is a difficult decision! Especially since you will not be getting a new mattress every year, you want to pick one that is going to last as well as be comfortable. When researching mattresses you’ll find that most stores offer single-sided and double-sided mattresses. What does that really mean? Well, a flippable mattress will have the same plush level on both top and bottom, versus a no flip (or non-turn) mattress only having the plush padding on one side. Even with that basic information, how do you know which style is right for you? What is better? Flip mattress vs non-flip mattress? Let’s discuss four questions to ask yourself in making an informed decision

1. What is a Double Sided Mattress?

Two sided mattresses are built from the inside out, having padding layers on either side. A flippable mattress will be able to be rotated and flipped over the years. Our mattresses have a 20-year warranty, so you can rest on either side with the assurance your mattress will last a very long time.

With either single or double-sided mattresses, our Kloter Farms Premium Mattresses are handmade with care and a passion for quality craftsmanship. 


Elite Perfect Choice


2. How is a Single Sided Mattress Different?

A single-sided mattress, or non-flip mattress, will only have one side that has your level of padding applied. Typical mattress padding levels are super plush, plush, and firm. Our non-flip series of mattresses are available in plush and firm support. Non-flip mattresses are favored for ease of use, as you will not have to worry about which side (top or bottom) has more wear. Plus, you will not have to hassle with lifting and flipping a heavy mattress.

Sometimes a single-sided mattress will be referred to as “turn free”. What is the meaning of a turn-free mattress? This refers to not having to flip the mattress over entirely. You may still rotate your mattress every so often in order to extend longevity. This is actually recommended to keep your mattress in its greatest shape. Having a quality constructed boxspring will also help keep your mattress in the best condition possible.

Elite Pillowtop

Elite Series


3. What’s available?

Our Kloter Farms Premium Mattresses have many different options and comfort levels for you to choose from. Our two bestselling mattress series are both single-sided! Our Integrity Series is hand-tufted, with encased pocketed coils, and is available in plush, super plush, and firm comfort levels. 

The Elite Perfect Choice Series is similar, but features an innerspring pillowtop. This pillow top allows for a wider variety of comfort levels. The Elite Perfect Choice Series is available in Ultima Memory Foam, Convoluted Foam, and the super plush, plush, and firm levels as well. 

Our most economical set is the Elite Series. The Elite Perfect Choice is a great mattress for couples, as you are able to choose a split comfort level. This means if you would like a firmer mattress, and your partner would like as much plush as they can get, you can easily make that a reality.

The Conforma Latex Series is also a non-flip mattress. Coming in firm or plush foam varieties, the Conforma Mattresses are compatible with an Adjustable Bed Motion Base. In fact, over half of all Kloter Farms Premium Mattresses are suited to work with an Adjustable Bed Motion Base.

Adjustable Motion Base by Kloter Farms
Adjustable Motion Base by Kloter Farms

4. Plush vs. Firm: Which is better?

Both plush and firm mattresses are designed to support you through a restful night’s sleep. A plush mattress will conform around your body, and you will sink into the soft layers. A firmer mattress, on the other hand, will keep you steady as it has a more solid top structure.

A firm mattress will help to evenly distribute your weight. Typically, a person who is more likely to toss and turn throughout the night will want to opt for a firmer mattress as the firm structure will support them wherever they toss and turn. Firmer mattresses are also great for back and stomach sleepers since the denser top will keep the hips further supported, relieving excess pressure from the back, neck, and spine.

A plush mattress will conform more to the shape of the sleeper. Plush mattresses will feel like a luxurious hug throughout the night, as if you’re sleeping on a cloud. Since plush mattresses are able to sink deeper and have a more flexible surface, those who have chronically sore bodies will prefer them for physical relief. If aching muscles and joint pain are a constant in your life, a plush or ultra-plush non-flip mattress might be the choice for you. 

Lyra Bedroom Suite

Plush or firm, both styles of mattress provide support for your body and will be comfortable to lay on. Truly, the choice is personal and comes down to what specific benefits you may be looking for. American-made mattresses like ours are handcrafted; taking no shortcuts to assure an excellent final product.  So, whether you are leaning towards a firm or plush mattress, you can have confidence knowing that a luxury mattress from Kloter Farms will provide you with the highest level of quality available.

The Choice is Yours

Flip or non-flip, firm or plush, the mattress experts at Kloter Farms are here to help to pick the mattress best for you. Our mattress showroom is open 6 days a week, and our knowledgeable staff is available to show you our wide variety of styles. We invite you to visit us and test out our mattresses to see which style feels best to you. To learn more about our mattress collections, contact us today. For more ideas and inspirations about mattresses and beyond, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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