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7 Hottest Pool House Trends

The heat of the summer sun can sometimes be unbearable and nothing cools you better than a beautiful pool in your back yard.  What better way to complete your backyard oasis than a pool house?  Over the course of the past few years, there are a number of pool house trends that have come to the forefront of our minds.

18x24 Vinyl Elite Pool House in Ellington, CT

18×24 Vinyl Elite Pool House in Ellington, CT

Pool House Inspiration

As a company, we are observing an ever-increasing awareness and interest in the pool house. No longer is it just a place to store pool toys and stuff, it has become an extension of the home.

So here are our observations of the:

7 Hottest Pool House Trends

  1. Equipment Storage
  2. Changing Room/Bath Room
  3. Outdoor Shower
  4. Covered Outdoor Living Area
  5. Guest Quarters
  6. Kitchens
  7. Fire Feature

Without further ado, let’s dive into each of these great pool house trends.

14x28 Vinyl Imperial Pool House in Palmer, MA

14×28 Vinyl Imperial Pool House in Palmer, MA

1. Equipment Storage

Many of us are accustomed to seeing pool equipment stashed away behind a structure or a fence or some kind of shrubbery.  If you’re really unfortunate and have no way to hide this mess of pipes and filters, you are stuck looking at it.

Thankfully there is another solution to looking at all of the unsightly equipment that keeps your pool running and beautiful.  When considering your new pool house or storage building, be sure to include a mechanical room to house all of the pool equipment.

2.  Changing Rooms/Bath Rooms

Without a doubt, this is one of the hottest pool house trends in the industry.  A bath/changing room helps to keep dripping kids (and adults) out of your main living areas.  It also allows you to enjoy entertaining without having all kinds of clothes and towels strewn all over your home.

Many of our customers create changing rooms inside their pool house

Many of our customers create changing rooms inside their pool house.

3.  Outdoor Shower

What better way to clean off after a hot day in the garden before a plunge in your pool or rinse off after a swim than with an outdoor shower?  While an outdoor shower setup as simple as a curtain and a shower head can be very enjoyable, there are a lot of ways to spruce up an outdoor shower’s aesthetics and comfort.

Check out this link for some great outdoor shower ideas.

4.  Covered Outdoor Living Area

The table is set and the guests are on their way… and it starts to rain.  Sound familiar?  For those of us who entertain outdoors on a regular basis, we are aware that things like this can happen.

Pool house with columns

Add a Ceiling Fan

10×12 Hampton Pavilion

But that’s not the only reason that we see an upward trend in covered outdoor living areas.  A covered area, like a pavilion gives some welcome relief from the intensity of the summer sun.  Couple some shade with a ceiling fan, and you’ve got one step from paradise.

Check out more ideas like this here.

5.  Guest Quarters

Whether you have family from out of town that comes for extended stays or the kids (or grandkids) are having a sleepover and need some space, your new pool house is a great place to accommodate these needs.

Add a loft or a second story into your new pool house to be sure that you have enough space for them all to stretch out and have some privacy.

6. Kitchens- Indoor & Out

Another pool house trend that has been gaining popularity is outdoor kitchens.  Having the flexibility to cook and entertain in an outdoor space is something that has captured the public’s attention. One of our preferred partner companies Bahler Brothers wrote a fantastic article outlining How to Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen.

12x20 Traditional Ivory Vinyl Pavilion

12×20 Traditional Ivory Vinyl Pavilion

Incorporating an outdoor kitchen near your pool house is a fantastic idea.  Incorporating a kitchen inside your pool house is even better!   This gives you the flexibility to keep the party going- rain or shine.

Outdoor Kitchen

Indoor Kitchen

7.  Fire Feature

What’s not to love about a fire when daylight starts to fade and night begins to fall?  No matter if it’s a warm evening or a bit on the chilly side, a fire can bring warmth to body and spirit.

Just like your kitchen is the gathering place for dinner, the fireplace becomes the gathering place as the day comes to a close.  Keep your roasting sticks and marshmallows handy for the final hurrah.

Come and visit us today (hours & directions) with your dreams and ideas of a new pool house and let us help make your dreams a reality!

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