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Pool houses are a great addition to your backyard. They provide additional storage, come in all shapes and sizes, and the interior can be designed any way you imagine. With pool houses being able to have so much variety, it can be difficult to nail down what makes them so great.

Custom 18x24 Vinyl Elite Pool House and Pavilion from Kloter Farms

18×24 Vinyl Elite Pool House and Pavilion

Pool houses are one of our favorite structures because they are so versatile. There is a style and design for each individual’s different lifestyle. Being an outdoor living product, pool houses are great for families at all stages in life – adding fun, function, and style to every home. The most important factor is that your pool house suits your lifestyle. Here are eight tips to make your pool house perfect for you. 

1. Determine Your Purpose

Pool houses are not one-size-fits-all. In fact, pool houses come in all different sizes, styles, and shapes. To have a great pool house, you want to invest in one that is great for your lifestyle. You might want to consider your purpose for purchasing a pool house. You may be primarily interested in storing unsightly equipment, while your neighbors might want a pool house to increase their hosting space. Imperial pool houses, pool house bar buildings, and sunrooms are all popular choices that suit different needs! The first step in making your pool house great – making sure that it is great for you. 

2. Size Matters

No matter what style of pool house building you choose, it has to be big enough to fit everything you need, while still leaving space to enjoy your yard. 

Pool Bar Building


Custom Pool House

Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, a pool house bar building is perfect for both large and small poolside areas. Pool house bar buildings feature an enclosed back section, and open front porch. The porch is supported by two pillar columns that extend through the front bar area for a true service bar look and feel. 

12x22 Vinyl Imperial Pool House by Kloter Farms in Connecticut.

12×22 Vinyl Imperial Pool House

Additionally, our popular imperial pool houses come in 8 different sizes, too. Great for small pool house ideas or large pool side living landscapes! Plus, different roof styles and porch layouts make it easy to customize. 

Kloter Farms Sunroom

Nature lovers who might not love outdoor insects as much, will enjoy the convenience of a sunroom.  Sunrooms are a great poolside addition. Depending on your style choices, our sunrooms are available in up to 12 different sizes, making them a good choice for smaller and larger yards. However, with all of their open windows, they are not the best option if you are looking to conceal any larger outdoor tools.

3. Enjoy the Sunlight 

The Imperial Vinyl Pool house was Kloter Farms’ top-seller in 2021, (of all of our pool house styles) -having sold 41 out of our total 89 pool house units sold. And we certainly understand why as it is the best of both worlds.

Imperial Pool House in Tolland, Connecticut from Kloter Farms.

Imperial Pool House in Tolland, Conn.

The Imperial pool house is great for the lover of the outdoors who still wants some exclusivity. The imperial pool houses are practically a combination of two things – a sunroom and a shed. This style is perfect if you want both a storage area and a screened-in relaxation space. Natural light, fresh air, and greenery will all be within your sight. Abundant windows and doors offer ample access to the pool and surrounding yard, while screens will keep the sneaky pests of the outdoors away.  

Sunrooms too are a great poolside addition with minimal shade. Sunrooms offer extra lounge space that can be enjoyed for typically three out of the four seasons. The beautiful and plentiful windows of our sunrooms allow for a gorgeous view of your outdoor space, while keeping you safe from less desirable elements such as wind, rain, and other pests. 

4. Storage Opportunities Year Round 

One of the biggest advantages to having a pool house is the added storage. During your area’s pool season (spring-early fall), the pool house can be used to keep unsightly pool equipment and toys. Pool houses become a great hiding spot for pool sanitizer and shock, leaf nets, pool vacuums and water thermometers. They can also become home to pool floats and other toys that are in frequent use during the summer. 

During the off season, pool buildings can be a great place to store your seasonal outdoor furniture. Porch furniture can easily be moved and stored in your sunroom or pool shed during months that they’re not in use. Pool sheds are a particularly good place to store your upholstered outdoor seat cushions during rain, wind, or other inclement weather. 

Mayhew Club Chair

Outdoor Pillows

Poly & Upholstered Outdoor Furniture

5. Incorporate Your Landscaping

Some prefer the grandeur of an elaborate pool house all on its own. However, if your style is more minimalist and you’d like to keep as much of your natural surroundings as possible, try to incorporate shrubbery, wood tones, and florals all around your pool shed or sunroom. This will not only freshen up the area, but it will make your yard look more cohesive, and your structure will seamlessly integrate itself with your other surroundings.

14x24 t-111 pool house in Salem, MA
14x20 vinyl elite pool house with columns

6. Add an Outdoor Shower & Powder Room

One great addition that we see frequently with our customers is the addition of plumbing into the pool house. An added bathroom to your pool house is a top trending pool house interior idea this year. A small power room in your pool house will eliminate the need for yourself and guests to walk through your home with damp feet or clothing, keeping the majority of mess outdoors. 

Custom Pool House

Pool House Sink

Pool House Shower

Beautiful Indoor Sunlight

Custom Project in Mass.

Interior Dining

Pool House Cabinetry

If you allocated more of your budget towards adding in plumbing, consider adding an outdoor shower. Outdoor shower will be great for rising off chlorine, washing off pets, and cleaning off other dirt/sand from beach days, hiking trips, and more. Check out this 14 x 18 t-1-11 Elite Cape Pool House from our customer in Tolland, CT. 

7. Enjoy Dining Outside 

Another great modern pool house idea is an added kitchen. Both outdoor & indoor kitchens in our buildings have been gaining popularity since 2020. With the increase of people staying at home and opting to travel for vacations less, why not make your own backyard into the perfect getaway! 

Vinyl Imperial Pool House with Outdoor Dining

Include an oven and grill in your custom pool house for fun, easy family nights dining outdoors. For an extra twist, add the kitchen basics indoors as part of your pool house for all weather dining! This will quickly transform your simple structure into a place where you can dine, and your guests can stay with ease and convenience. Elite pool houses are a great choice for outdoor kitchen ideas! Check out our gallery of custom pool houses to get ideas from our other customers. 

8. Show It Off

Poolside living is all about the living! Each different style allows you to have a new focal point in your backyard. While all poolside products are great for enjoying your atmosphere, pool house bars in particular are perfect for the entertainer. Adding in counter or bar height stools to the entertaining area transforms your structure into a host’s dream space. 

These structures are great for both individuals and families alike! Imagine sitting by the pool bar celebrating the summer with a fresh cocktail. Or, imagine scooping up the kids to gather around for Sunday night sundaes by the pool. Either way, poolside buildings big or small are a spectacular choice for people who love people.

Come to Kloter Farms and See What Option is Right for You

It is incredible and sometimes overwhelming the number of options you can choose from. The experienced professionals here at Kloter Farms are here to help you make the right choice. Our display in Ellington, Conn. has at least one of every building to show off each different option and color available to you. We are here not only as a resource but as an inspirational haven. Call, email, or visit us today to see what we can build for you. For more inspiration and ideas, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

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