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So you’ve made the decision to purchase some poly furniture for your deck, patio, or pool area, and you’d like to know how to keep it looking as fresh as possible. Or, maybe you’ve had it for a few years, and you want to clean it up and restore it as closely to “new” as you can.

Easy To Care For & Clean

Our poly products are formulated to last a lifetime so you won’t need to replace them – unless you want a different color.

Well, lucky for you, you’ve made a very wise decision by purchasing furniture made of material that is virtually maintenance-free! While your poly furniture requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, some basic care can keep it looking and functioning its best for years to come.

We’ll get into cleaning your poly lumber furniture in just a second, but if you have not had the opportunity to educate yourself on the benefits of poly furniture, take a look at our other blogs in this category!

With all of the fabulous characteristics referenced in that article, poly lumber proves to be a sturdy product that many buyers are attracted to because it leaves them to enjoy the products without extensive care and maintenance involved.

Now let’s get to the “cleaning” details!

One thing that we would recommend is that, in caring for your poly furniture, consider periodic soft cleaning vs. annual deep cleaning.

Poly 44x72 table with 6 chairs and natural finish

44″ x 72″ Counter Height Rectangle Table with 4 Side Chairs and 2 Swivel Chairs

Periodic Soft Cleaning

For periodic soft cleaning poly furniture, simply wash the product with soap and water. To do this, fill a bucket with a soap and water solution and wipe the poly lumber with a washcloth or sponge.

If there are smudges or marks on the product from regular use, you may need to rub a soft bristle brush along the surface and in creases and corners to remove stubborn dirt particles and other debris. A toothbrush works excellent for those tight areas as well.

Once you’ve scrubbed the piece down, rinse the furniture thoroughly with a hose until no soap residue is left. Some colors, such as white or light hues, may take a little extra attention to wipe clean.

English Dining Set

Rain Droplets Roll Off

Counter Height Table & Chairs

If you’re in a coastal region and you don’t have coastal-rated poly and stainless hardware like our Classic Terrace Collection, it will pay off to rinse your furniture with fresh water from time to time to clean off any salt residue that has landed on the pieces.

Additionally, routine cleaning after use can help keep your poly furniture looking its best. For example, make sure to remove all food debris from your picnic table or other outdoor dining tables after meals to prevent buildup. Similarly, you should wipe away dirt from flower pots before it sets in and becomes harder to clean.

Poly Folding Adirondacks

Our folding poly Adirondacks chairs are available in so many fun colors!

Annual Deep Cleaning

For annual deep cleaning poly furniture, first remove the cushions and place them out of the way so as not to get bleach stains on the fabric. Next, fill a container with a 1/3 cup bleach and 2/3 cup water solution. Spray and scrub the area of concern with a sponge or brush, reapplying the cleaning solution as necessary. Complete the process by thoroughly rinsing with a hose to prevent bleach stains.

Storing Your Poly Furniture

Another tip for keeping your poly dining sets, poly Adirondack chairs, and other poly furniture looking its best? Store it properly in the off-season. Poly furniture is resistant to mold and mildew and can hold up to the wear and tear of the elements. However, you can still extend its lifetime by keeping it protected in a garage, shed, or another outdoor structure.

Additionally, if you’re expecting severe weather, such as high winds, hail, extreme cold, or lots of snow, it’s a wise choice to tuck your poly folding Adirondack chairs and other poly furniture safely and securely away. As always, clean your poly furniture thoroughly before you store it. You should also cover it with a tarp or cloth to avoid the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris to minimize necessary cleaning when the weather gets warmer.

Mayhew Club Chair

Mayhew Swivel Rocker and Club Chairs – Many Fabrics Available!

Tips and Suggestions for Cleaning Poly Furniture

Ready to clean your poly furniture? Cleaning is best done on warm, dry days. However, if the temperature is extremely warm, it is recommended to do it in the shade. This will prevent soap and scum from quickly drying on your furniture before you have a chance to rinse it. If you’re dealing with a stubborn mark on your furniture, magic erasers work wonders!

Most outdoor cushions can be cleaned with the same process as the regular cleaning recommendations, using a soap and water solution. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before cleaning begins. A high-pressure power washer can also be used; however, it is suggested that a fan tip is used, and power washers should not be more than 1,500 psi for this purpose. Additionally, you should maintain at least 10 to 12 inches between the pressure washer and the furniture to avoid damaging the finish.

Classic Terrace Swivel Rockers with Black Frames

Classic Terrace Swivel Rockers and Conversation Table

Finally, keep in mind that prevention is the best form of protection. Avoid using knives and other sharp objects on your furniture, and keep tools and sharp-edged materials, such as metal and gravel, off of the surface of poly tables and other outdoor poly furniture. Using a table covering during meals can also help prevent damage, as can refraining from placing hot items directly onto your pieces.

So your poly furniture is sparkling and clean! Time for you to enjoy your outdoor space!

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