Choose from a variety of accent table styles that complement your living room’s entertainment centers and upholstered furniture.

Side Tables from Kloter Farms  

Does your living room, den, or bedroom feel like it’s missing something or incomplete? Or perhaps one of the rooms in your home is short on storage or surface space? If so, an accent table may be exactly what you need to bring your interior to life.

At Kloter Farms, we offer high-quality, handcrafted side and accent tables in a variety of sizes, design styles, wood types, and stain colors. Whatever type of table you’re looking for, you can find it and customize it to your specifications at Kloter Farms.

The Benefits of Side Tables

Side tables include console tables, sofa tables, accent tables, and cocktail tables. Coffee tables can be categorized as end tables, as well. In short, these tables refer to any type of table that “accents” your home decor while simultaneously adding an element of functionality.

Our tables provide a range of benefits. For starters, they’re convenient. Due to their compact size and versatility, they can be added to any space to improve its aesthetic and help a room feel more cohesive and complete.

Because of their smaller size, side tables are also portable. This allows you to move them around depending on where you might need it aesthetically or functionally at any given moment.

Finally, side tables are also useful. If you need more resting space for items ranging from beverages and remote controls to lighting and home decor items, they are extremely handy.

Customizable Side Tables

While all side, end and accent tables have the potential to enhance your environment, one type is uniquely qualified to help you improve how you live in your home – a customizable one. 

Whether you’re looking for a particular size, style, wood type, or finish, a customizable side table lets you bring it to life. Customizability lets you create exactly what you want in a side or custom accent table set.

At Kloter Farms, our friendly and helpful sales team is ready and eager to help. To learn more about how a custom table can help you elevate your living space, contact Kloter Farms today.

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