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The only thing better than a gorgeous piece of Kloter Farms custom bedroom furniture? Getting an amazing deal, of course! Whether you’re looking for a single piece of bedroom furniture like a bed, dresser, or nightstand or you’re shopping for a complete bedroom suite, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for – and much more – at Kloter Farms. 

Free Delivery CT, MA & RI ($2500 min., call for details). We also offer Nationwide Delivery – call 860-375-1008.
PLUS 0% 12-Month Financing (custom orders only)

Duncan bedroom

Duncan Collection
Redefined Poster
On Sale

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Sierra Mission bedroom

Sierra Mission Collection
Gently Mission
On Sale

Farmington bedroom

Farmington Collection
Rustic Charm
On Sale

Trumbull bedroom

Trumbull Collection
New England Charm
On Sale

Emerson bedroom

Emerson Collection
Elegant Detailing
On Sale

Huntington Collection
Seaside Cottage
On Sale

Yasmin Collection
New Age Simplicity
On Sale

Harper Bay bedroom

Harper Bay Collection
Beautifully Traditional
On Sale

Raleigh Bedroom Collection

Raleigh Collection
Vintage + Contemporary
On Sale

Chloe bedroom

Chloe Collection
Streamlined Classic
On Sale

Rochelle bedroom

Rochelle Collection
Beautifully Detailed
On Sale

Arden bedroom

Arden Collection
Simplified Contemporary
On Sale

Tucker Collection
Textured Industrial
On Sale

Rainier bedroom

Rainier Collection
Streamlined Elements
On Sale

Lansing Bedroom Collection

Lansing Collection
Clean Minimalism
On Sale

Hampshire bedroom

Hampshire Collection
Pure & Simple
On Sale

Elridge bedroom

Elridge Collection
Simplified Contemporary
On Sale

Amherst bedroom

Amherst Collection
On Sale

Lyra bedroom

Lyra Collection
Softly Stated
On Sale

Hayden Valley bedroom

Hayden Valley Collection
Softly Detailed
On Sale

Colebrook Bedroom Collection

Colebrook Collection
Completely Customizable
On Sale

Cabin Hill bedroom

Cabin Hill Collection
Softly Modern
On Sale

Sydney Collection
Tranquil Comfort
On Sale

Crib stage 1

Convert-a-Crib Stage 1
Infant Crib
On Sale

Crib stage 2

Convert-a-Crib Stage 2
Toddler Bed
On Sale

Crib stage 3

Convert-a-Crib Stage 3
Full Size Bed
On Sale

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About Kloter Farms Bedroom Furniture

If you want to explore an extraordinary selection of solid wood bedroom furniture, look no further than Kloter Farms. Offering 25 suite collections as well as “a la carte” and mix and match options for beds, wooden wall beds, cedar and blanket chests, mirrors, quilt racks, and cribs, Kloter Farms is known for its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Every piece of furniture is hand-built by skilled artisans and brought to life using the finest construction techniques and materials. Available in cherry, oak and quarter sawn oak, and brown maple, each piece of durable bedroom furniture we produce is also stained with a protective finish that highlights the wood’s natural beauty.

Sale Bedroom Furniture at Kloter Farms

Because Kloter Farms furniture is anything but ordinary, when you decide to customize a piece with us, you’re doing much more than making a purchase. Rather, you’re investing in the livability and beauty of your home environment. The quality of our products is exceptional, and we take pride in creating furniture that enhances your interior and your life.

However, we also understand the need for value in every purchase, which is why our custom beds and other bedroom furniture can be found on sale from time to time throughout the year. In addition to custom bedroom furniture sales, we also offer financing aimed at helping you decorate your home with true legacy pieces designed to last – and you can’t put a price tag on that.

Custom Bedroom Furniture and More

While there are many noteworthy aspects of Kloter Farms furniture, a wide range of customization options ensures that your furniture will offer the perfect blend of form and function. Take our Trumbull Wardrobe, for example. This hand-crafted, made-to-order wardrobe allows for your choice of design details, including stain color, pocket doors, pullout tv swivels, top and bottom DVD shelves, clothes rods, and hardware. The end result? A piece of bedroom furniture that looks and performs exactly how you want it to.

One last thing to remember? When you shop at Kloter Farms, your furniture buying experience isn’t complete when you make a payment. We’re committed to partnering with you every step of the way. This may start with customization, but it continues across every aspect of your furniture purchase, including your bedroom furniture delivery. While shipping is available nationwide, we offer free delivery for our neighbors throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re just starting to think about the bedroom furniture customization process, the Kloter Farms team is ready to help.

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