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Looking to make the most of your living space? While a garage may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it can actually be an excellent addition to your home – and your quality of life. Here’s a closer look at three reasons why investing in a one-car garage is beneficial for homeowners.

Whether you want to protect a prized antique or a daily driver, a Kloter Farms garage will keep your car safe and sound.

1. Garages Protect Vehicles

A car is a large financial investment. Are you doing enough to protect yours? Daily exposure to the elements causes wear and tear on your vehicle that could lead to major problems down the road. Everything from rain and snow to wind and sun can cause your car to deteriorate. More extreme weather events, such as hail and windstorms, can result in fallen branches, which increase the risk of dings, dents, scratches, and broken windows. Luckily, all of this can be avoided by storing your vehicle in an enclosed garage. Plus, cars stored in an enclosed structure even run better because engine fluids are kept at more stable temperatures.

Garages also protect cars from another serious threat – criminals. Parking inside a garage reduces the chance that your car will be vandalized, broken into, or stolen.

A one-car garage is the simplest way to minimize your car’s vulnerability while preventing hassles and headaches. These protections are so significant that some insurance companies even offer incentives like lower rates to homeowners who keep their vehicles in garages.

2. Garages Free Up Storage Space in Your Home

Are your basement, attic, and closets filled to the brim? Do you often struggle to find stored items when you need them? If so, you’re hardly alone. From holiday decorations to your child’s old artwork, today’s homeowners often find themselves drowning in their belongings due to limited storage options.

However, insufficient storage doesn’t just mean more mess; it’s also an organizational challenge. By adding a one-car garage to your property, you’ll have a dedicated place to store nonessential items – thus increasing your storage space inside your home. In addition to enjoying a cleaner and less cluttered home, you can also look forward to increased efficiency, less wasted time, and enhanced peace of mind.

3. Garages Create Additional Storage for Yard and Pool Supplies

You use your barbecue grill, lawnmower, and pool supplies frequently during warmer months; however, come winter, these items will likely sit untouched for weeks on end. If left outside in the cold, you may run into trouble when trying to get them up and running again in the summer. By storing them in an enclosed one-car garage, they’ll avoid exposure to harsh winter weather and remain in working order all year long.

Increase Storage & Protect Your Investments with a Custom Garage

Of course, every homeowner has different needs. That’s why Kloter Farms offers a wide variety of single and multi-car garages. Plus, our custom garages allow you to choose everything from size, door style, shingle color, and more. Whether you’re interested in a one-car garage, 2-car garage, or 3-car garage, Kloter Farms has the perfect option to suit your property. For more information about our custom garages, or to place an order, contact us today!

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