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Create a Coffee Bar in 4 Simple Steps

I love coffee (hot, iced, whatever)!  I also love decorating with coffee.  It’s so much fun and very practical, so today we’re going to give you some suggestions and ideas to: Create a Coffee Bar in 4 Simple Steps Step 1- Choose your Space This is where your coffee bar will find it’s home.  You will […]

New Outdoor Living Styles are here at Kloter Farms!

This time of year is always so much fun around here at Kloter Farms! We just experienced our outdoor living display park getting its yearly makeover with all of the new styles and colors. Take a look at this time-lapse video to see the entire process in just 45 seconds. It was a beautiful day yesterday so we […]

Tips for a Refreshing Spring Mantle Transformation

Are you tired of your winter mantle and ready for a transformation? I sure am! I’m looking for a refreshing spring mantle transformation that reflects new life and warm weather! Spring Mantle Ideas by Kloter Farms So, when I begin thinking about a mantle, I think about my ‘jumping off point’.  Everybody needs a jumping-off […]

The Features and Benefits of a Murphy Wall Bed

Working from home is a growing trend that shows no sign of slowing.  What used to be an extra bedroom is now office space. We also see a growing interest in “hobby” rooms and man caves.  If you have the extra room it’s no problem, but what if you need the room to double as […]

NEW Product! Vanity Cabinets at Kloter Farms

Kloter Farms now offers vanity cabinets! Jefferson City Vanity Collection by Kloter Farms Are these like other box cabinets?  Absolutely not! Custom made by the same shops that build our furniture, these vanities are handcrafted to your style and specifications. Choose from a wide variety of styles and let our designers help you create the space that […]

What is Poly Furniture made of??

Have you ever wondered what Poly Furniture is made of? Polywood or Poly lumber as it is also known as is a high-density polyethylene product that is mostly derived from recycled milk bottles and other recycled plastics. The process in simple terms to create Polywood goes as such: The recycled products are carefully cleaned, melted, […]

Design your own Kitchen Island in 5 Simple Steps

As we see the kitchen being used more and more as a gathering place, we see the rising need for beautiful and yet functional kitchen islands.  To design your kitchen island can be a bit daunting and yet so incredibly rewarding when done correctly. Here at Kloter Farms, we generally follow these 5 simple steps to […]

The Joy of Setting a Simple Easter Table

Easter is rapidly approaching, and I just love getting ready for Easter brunch. Many times I have a large group when I entertain, but not everybody has the space or the flexibility to have a large group. So, today I focused on setting a small and simple Easter table. Many of the ideas that we […]

What are Dormer options for a Storage Building?

Mini Gabled Dormer on Storage Building by Kloter Farms So you’ve begun the intriguing process of picking out all of the different options for your new storage building and the designer that you are working with asks you “would you like to add a dormer”? The natural question for a customer is: What are Dormer […]

Outdoor Living Elements: The Pergola

Outdoor Living Elements: The Pergola Hearthside Pergola at night by Kloter Farms Webster defines the pergola as such: noun per·go·la ˈpər-gə-lə, pər-ˈgō-  1. a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafter We here at Kloter Farms would expound on that definition as a beautiful structure that offers a way to […]

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