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What Is The Difference Between A Wall Bed And Murphy Bed

When it comes to space saving furniture, Wall Beds and Murphy Beds are two terms that often get tossed around. And for good reason too. Many people use these terms interchangeably, assuming they refer to the same thing. However, there are subtle differences between the two, and understanding these distinctions can help you make a […]

Why You Should Invest In Solid Wood Furniture For Your Home

Purchasing high quality, long lasting furniture is always the goal when choosing new furniture for your home. Whether you’re in the market for bedroom furniture, dining room tables or chairs, or kitchen islands, purchasing solid wood furniture will be your best investment. Solid wood furniture is stunningly beautiful, and will hold its strength and character […]

Why buy reclaimed wood? And what is it exactly?

This might be your first time reading about reclaimed wood – but you’ve heard the term floating around. You may have even thought about buying a home decor item made of reclaimed or repurposed wood. The things that struck you about it? Its uniqueness, the outer character of the wood, and the idea that these […]

Trending Upholstered Headboards

Kloter Farms Upholstered Headboards These days it feels like almost every store you walk into now has cute bedroom displays with upholstered headboards, it is such a hip trendy look to complete your bedroom. Plus, with upholstery, you have so many choices! You can transform your look from French Country to Urban Chic with the simple selection of […]

Contemplation of Bedroom Furniture Styles

As furniture retailers, the spring “show season” is always an exciting time for us. We spend time observing, making mental notes, and expressing our opinions of what is new and trending for the year to come.  Bedroom furniture is always an intriguing facet of the industry to explore from year to year. Some ideas and designs […]

The Features and Benefits of a Murphy Wall Bed

Working from home is a growing trend that shows no sign of slowing.  What used to be an extra bedroom is now office space. We also see a growing interest in “hobby” rooms and man caves.  If you have the extra room it’s no problem, but what if you need the room to double as […]

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