A Destination for Everyone

At Kloter Farms, we call ourselves a destination and our customers call us a destination, but it got me thinking, what actually classifies a place as a destination? To fully answer that question I want you to come to Kloter Farms this Saturday or Labor Day, stand somewhere between our Store and Outdoor Sales Office and […]

Visiting the Store Vendors

This week many from our indoor furniture team (a.k.a. the store team) went to visit some of the shops that build our handcrafted custom furniture. The 16 that went included sales, warehouse, delivery, and marketing crews, and the education, hospitality and team development we had over those two days was something special! We are still […]

Meet The Outdoor Delivery Crew

I want to take a moment to recognize some very talented, unspoken members of our company. By the time Kloter Farms opens its doors to the public, these guys have already been working for couple hours. I’d like you to meet the outdoor delivery crew! It’s easy for me to sing their praises because their […]

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