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How to Design an Executive Home Office  

Whether you’ve always worked remotely or COVID-related social distancing requirements have led to an unanticipated change in your work environment, having access to an organized and functional workspace is crucial. A well-designed executive home office not only has the potential to boost productivity but can also make the workday infinitely more enjoyable. Wondering where to […]

Five Tips to Organize Your Home Office Space

Thinking of reorganizing your home office space? There’s no better time than right now to get started. Throw away the concept that it needs to be a New Year’s resolution or that it needs to happen under a specific set of conditions. Instead, commit to starting – right now. Avondale Shaker Desk If you think […]

5 Tips to Organize Your Office Space Right Now

I believe the back-to-school season is the BEST time to reorganize. Throw away the concept that it needs to be a New Year’s resolution. Start now! Think about it for a second… the days are getting a little shorter so you are spending more evenings indoors, you aren’t coming out of an extremely busy holiday season, and best […]

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