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Design your own Kitchen Island in 5 Simple Steps

As we see the kitchen being used more and more as a gathering place, we see the rising need for beautiful and yet functional kitchen islands.  To design your kitchen island can be a bit daunting and yet so incredibly rewarding when done correctly. Here at Kloter Farms, we generally follow these 5 simple steps to […]

The Joy of Setting a Simple Easter Table

Easter is rapidly approaching, and I just love getting ready for Easter brunch. Many times I have a large group when I entertain, but not everybody has the space or the flexibility to have a large group. So, today I focused on setting a small and simple Easter table. Many of the ideas that we […]

The Timeless Beauty of Craftsman Furniture

When it comes to style, my motto always is, “When in doubt, go classic.” I use it when deciding what to wear for clothes, planning a party, decorating or in graphic design. The biggest myth about classic style is that it is boring. That is far from the truth! Would anyone call Jackie Kennedy, Kate Middleton or Emma Watson […]

3 Ways To Organize Every Room In Your Home

I am passionate when it comes to organizing. I organize, reorganize my organization and then analyze whether it’s perfect or not. For me, I like everything in my house and workspace to have its own spot without sacrificing the convenience of having it all at my fingerprint just when I need it. I don’t believe there […]

Tips for Choosing a Wood Species

I don’t know about you, but it takes me forever and a day to make a buying decision. Because it’s something I have to live with. And I want to make sure I not only like it, but I also LOVE it. So when it comes down to selecting a wood species for your custom […]

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