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6 Benefits of Prefabricated Garages & Barns | Why Prefab Garages

6 Benefits of Prefabricated Garages and Barns Did you know that in the 2021 American Housing Survey, of 142,153 homes, 91,366 homes have a garage or carport? That is over half of all homes! Prefabricated barns and garages are continuously rising in popularity. Prefab garages and barns are buildings that are constructed ahead of time […]

Pricing a Gazebo: How Much Does a Gazebo Cost?

Gazebos are a great addition to any backyard. Gazebos are beautiful and relaxing all on their own, and can typically fit inside nice patio furniture and rocking chairs. Gazebos are a great investment and can add value to your home and life! They are also an investment worth planning for. By the end of this […]

Need More Shed Space? How to Build a Lean-to Off of a Shed

Sheds are such a wonderful complement to any yard. Adding a lean-to to your shed can be a great idea if you are looking to add more space around your storage building! While lean-tos are available as part of your original shed purchase, you can also add one on yourself with just a couple simple […]

How Much Does a Shed Cost?

Making the decision to get a new shed is super exciting! Sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles, and make great additions to both front and backyards. There are many great purposes for a shed, so it’s important to know how you want to use it! But how much does a shed cost, […]

Gazebo Decoration Ideas: How to Decorate Your Gazebo for A Summer Wedding

Don’t worry! Figuring out how to decorate a gazebo for a wedding is not hard! There are many simple ways that you can turn a standard gazebo into a beautiful, focal point for your big day. Trying to figure out how to decorate a gazebo all together might seem overwhelming and complicated, but with these […]

How to Safely Clean Wicker Patio Furniture

Grand Isle Wicker Sectional by Kloter Farms Synthetic wicker patio furniture is a great addition to your front or backyard! Wicker patio furniture is easy to maintain, comfortable, and provides a classic look. Like any furniture you have outdoors, wicker furniture will require a bit of cleaning to keep the fixtures in their best condition […]

How Close Can Your Pool be to Your House? Swimming Pool Proximity

Manor Cape Shed – West Hartford, CT Who doesn’t love a swimming pool? Pools are a great addition to any home! Whether you choose in-ground or above-ground, pools are a great way to bring the vacation experience to your own backyard. Planning the perfect pool set up in your yard takes a little bit of […]

How to Move a Large Shed: What You Need to Know

Moving a shed is a big task, especially if you have a larger shed and need to rent equipment in order to ensure things are moved properly. You’ll want to ensure that you keep your shed safe, and also keep yourself safe! Large storage buildings should be moved only after you’ve made the proper arrangements […]

How to Build a Ramp For Your New Shed (That Will Last)

Perhaps you’ve purchased your shed already, or are in the market looking for one. One key additional feature that you’ll see is a ramp. A shed ramp can be very beneficial to the longevity of your shed and ease of use getting your products in and out. While pre-assembled shed ramps in various sizes are […]

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