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New Year, New Shed | How to Successfully Update Your Backyard

Top 5 Shed Trends in 2021 Updating your backyard with a custom shed or pool house building is a great way to add storage and function to your existing space. Over the past few years, we’ve seen more people staying home. This makes it the perfect time to get creative ideas started for your dream […]

The Many Benefits of a Kloter Farms Barn

Barns have transformational potential when added to your property. While you have many different barn options to choose from, Kloter Farms has earned a reputation in the industry for designing and manufacturing truly extraordinary outdoor structures that deliver a remarkable combination of form and function. If you’re thinking of investing in a prefab barn, read […]

A Guide to Cleaning Poly Furniture | Polywood Furniture

So you’ve made the decision to purchase some poly furniture for your deck, patio, or pool area, and you’d like to know how to keep it looking as fresh as possible. Or, maybe you’ve had it for a few years, and you want to clean it up and restore it as closely to “new” as […]

Custom Garage | Fully Customizable Garages

Why You Should Choose a Custom Built Garage   Not all garages are created equal. In fact, these versatile storage structures are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes. As such, they have the potential to fit a variety of homeowner wants and needs. While some people use their garages primarily for storing their cars, this […]

7 Hottest Pool House Trends | Pool House Ideas

7 Hottest Pool House Trends The heat of the summer sun can sometimes be unbearable and nothing cools you better than a beautiful pool in your back yard.  What better way to complete your backyard oasis than a pool house?  Over the course of the past few years, there are a number of pool house […]

7 Steps to Building a He Shed | Sheds for Sale

7 Simple Steps to Building a He Shed We are shed people, and shed people are passionate about … well … sheds. Being home to the largest display of sheds and garages in New England gives us an opportunity to commiserate with other shed people. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have visited our […]

Gazebos for Sale | Why You Should Add A Gazebo to Your Yard

Three Benefits of Gazebos & Why You Should Add One to Your Backyard Gazebos are an attractive addition to any property. However, they’re also purposeful. This combination adds up to make them the “gold standard” of outdoor structures because they fuse form and function. If you’ve been on the fence about adding a gazebo to your landscape […]

11 Features and Options That Great Gazebos Have in Common

Gazebos create additional space for everything from relaxation to entertaining. They also add an element of curb appeal to any property. However, not all gazebos are created equal. If you’re in the market for a new one, you may be wondering what you should be looking for. 20′ Vinyl Victorian Pagoda Gazebo at Lavender Pond Farm […]

Top Benefits of Custom Pool Houses | Pool Sheds & Pool Houses for Sale

16×28 Pool House with Pine Siding Backyard pools are one of life’s greatest pleasures. With people spending more time at home these days due to social distancing, home pools are getting more use than ever before. But if you’re among the lucky homeowners who have a pool in their backyard, are you really making the […]

How Custom Barns Expand & Enhance Properties | Prefab Barns

20×30 Elite Dutch with T-1-11 Siding – Plus Full Second Floor! Many homeowners share a common problem: a shortage of square footage. Unfortunately, no matter how much Marie Kondo-ing you do, it’s impossible to create extra space in your property where there is none. So, what’s a space-pressed homeowner to do? When it comes to […]

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