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As furniture retailers, the spring “show season” is always an exciting time for us. We spend time observing, making mental notes, and expressing our opinions of what is new and trending for the year to come.  Bedroom furniture is always an intriguing facet of the industry to explore from year to year.

Some ideas and designs are new while others are perennial to the market and continue to keep a foothold in consumers’ homes and decor.

Upholstered beds by Kloter Farms

This year as we perused through the aisles of various venues, there were a number of bedroom styles that seemed to resonate with the industry and consumers alike.

The Upholstered Bed

Contrary to the belief that this could be a short-lived fad, the upholstered beds continue to soften the bedrooms of the American homes.  Not all fabric headboards are created equal!

Difference #1- Frame

Sensing that this idea will remain around for a while has caused some furniture makers to design the internal frames of the beds using solid hardwood materials so that these pieces will have the necessary structural integrity to stand the tests of time.

Difference #2- Fabric

Discovering that headboards are prone to stain due to the oils in people’s hair has driven the better bed shops to begin using Crypton fabrics for stain resistance and ease of cleaning.

No matter the ratio of wood to fabric, these beds with their ability to soften a room instantaneously are here for a while.

Traditional with a Spin

Yes we are New Englanders, and yes traditions die hard here, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t shake up tradition a bit now and then.  Traditional in the sense of the word is being a part of something that is long-standing and well established.

When I think of traditional styles of bedroom furniture, I think of Mission, Shaker, Panel, and Bow beds.  Check out how these collections have pushed out the corners of the “traditional” box.

Beds with Storage Solutions

Storage.  A thing that we never have enough of.  With the addition of the underbed storage systems, many of our customers are replacing their bureaus and chests with drawers built in under their beds. Foot board or side rail storage is a choice of preference and space constraints.

Footboard Storage on the modern Sedona Suite

Come Home to Contemporary

Rounding out our little tour is a nod to the contemporary line up.  I have found that the word contemporary can mean many things to many people, but here are a few examples that I thought were worth mentioning.

Find Your Best Fit

And so ends our musings of bedroom furniture.  Feel free to continue browsing our selections here.  If you’re ever in the area, drop by and say hi! We invite you to visit us and see which style feels best to you. To learn more about our bedroom furniture and suites, contact us today. For more ideas and inspirations about furniture trends and more, follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.

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