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How Custom Dining Room Tables Can Enhance Any Space

Most people don’t pick one decorating style and stick to it absolutely. That would be a bit like eating only one kind of food or wearing only one type of clothing. The reason there are so many choices out there – from furniture to movies and music – is because people have varying tastes.

Redmond table with Morgan chairs

Redmond table shown with Morgan chairs. Mix and match styles for your perfect set!

While some of an individual’s sense of style comes from within, we also draw inspiration from the world around us. Our taste is influenced by many different things, such as the magazines we read, the people we associate with, places we’ve been, and our environments. New styles are also always emerging. Whether spurred by new ideas or advancements, the scope of products available to us continues to grow.

Berkeley with Parsons chair

Berkeley dining is available with a live or straight edge table. Shown here with our very popular upholstered Parsons chair.

One of the most exciting things about personal style is just that: it’s personal. Regardless of the breadth and depth of things that inform your style, at the end of the day, your taste is uniquely your own.

At Kloter Farms, we take great pride in helping our customers express their personal taste through high-quality, handcrafted furniture. We can think of no better way to do this than by adding one of our extraordinary custom dining room tables to your living space. After all, dining rooms are places where family and friends come together to share food and company. A stunning table becomes a wonderful centerpiece for these gatherings as well as an extraordinary showpiece in your home.

Mission Trestle table with Midland chairs

Mission Trestle Table with Midland Chairs

Many Options, Many Results

You may be wondering what a “custom dining table” even means. When you partner with Kloter Farms, much more goes into the customization process than merely choosing the size, wood species, and stain of the piece. In fact, these considerations are just the beginning.

In addition to having many table legs to choose from, we also offer edge and skirting options. Indeed, there are near-endless ways to express your individuality by exploring the different table configurations available. We also have dining table sets featuring a dining table and matching chairs and poly dining sets aimed at helping you furnish your dining room in style.

Choose your table leg or base, table edge and skirting – all our dining furniture is completely customizable!

A custom Kloter Farms dining table has the potential to become a true and original representation of style that is uniquely you. If your taste leans more modern, then a table top or table legs with clean, straight edges may be the best choice. Envisioning a more opulent end result? More ornate components are in order. Love the rustic yet refined look? Look no further than our reclaimed wood dining tables or a table with a live edge top.

From a classic solid cherry wood dining table to gracious farmhouse style dining tables, you’re sure to find something you love amidst our selection of custom dining room table and chairs sets.

Ryker table with Marana chairs

Ryker Table with Marana Chairs

Bring Your Custom Dining Table Vision to Life with Kloter Farms

We encourage you not to be intimidated when it comes to changing around a table’s structure or mixing and matching design elements. After all, self-expression should be fun, not stressful. So, feel free to let your creativity take over when designing kitchen and dining room tables. Remember: there is no right or wrong here. There’s only what you love.

Have questions or just not sure about what you want? That’s fine, too. Our friendly and experienced sales team is eager to help guide you through the customization project toward a final product that will fulfill your wants and needs in terms of both form and functionality.

Your personal style plus our custom tables…now that equals a beautiful result. For more information about our customization options, contact us today!

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