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Why You Should Choose a Custom Built Garage  

Not all garages are created equal. In fact, these versatile storage structures are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes. As such, they have the potential to fit a variety of homeowner wants and needs. While some people use their garages primarily for storing their cars, this is just one small example of the many ways this outdoor structure can improve how you live in your home.

14×24 Dutch Garage

One way to optimize your garage’s ability to support your lifestyle? Customize one to your exact specifications. Here’s a closer look at why a custom-built garage is an investment in both your home and how you live in it:

Tailor Your Garage to Your Lifestyle

If you’re looking to improve your home’s livability, adding a custom garage is one of the best ways to do so. To determine which type of garage will best suit your lifestyle, it’s important to first consider your space and storage needs.

24×24 Concord Garage

20×30 Elite Garage

18×22 Elite Garage

12×20 Cape Garage

There are many potential uses to consider when creating a custom garage. Choose from relatively straightforward storage options like a basic one-car garage or more spacious three-car garage to multifunctional garages with the potential to amplify the livable square footage of your home by serving as offices, gyms, workshops, and more. Garages can also be super-sized to fit larger vehicles, tractors, and even boats!

24×36 Elite Cape Garage

In addition to being an investment in your quality of life, garages are actually an investment in your home itself. According to The Nest, adding a garage is one of the best improvements you can make to boost your property’s resale value. More specifically, the average return on a basic freestanding garage addition is 64 percent. Now, compare this to the 54 percent average return of a bathroom remodel. The takeaway is clear: A garage addition makes sense – in more ways than one.

Maximize Square Footage with a Multi-Level Garage

Looking to really make the most of your garage addition? Consider building up instead of out. Adding a second level to your custom barn garage or another type of structure opens up a whole new world of options.

22×28 Elite Garage

26×26 Dutch Garage

20×30 Dutch Garage

An increasingly popular choice among homeowners, two-story garages create additional space for any kind of room. Whether you’re interested in more storage, a man cave, a game room, or a loft-style apartment, the sky is truly the limit when you customize a two-level garage with Kloter Farms.

Endless Garage Customization Options

When we say our garages are completely customizable, we’re not exaggerating. In addition to picking between design styles and dimensions, your prefab garage can also be personalized across many other aspects, including roof type, siding, floor type, and interior walls. This means that your structure can be designed so that it integrates with your home seamlessly and complements it for enhanced curb appeal.

12×24 Garden Special Garage

16×28 Elite Cape Garage

22×24 Elite Garage

Not sure what options are available or which to choose? The Kloter Farms team is happy to go over the full spectrum of choices to guide you to the best custom garage solution for your situation.

If you’re looking for a garage for sale, finding the right one can make all the difference – both in terms of its immediate effect on how you live and its ongoing impact. To start customizing your perfect barn or garage, visit or call Kloter Farms today!

14×28 Elite Garage

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