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Picking timeless kitchen cabinet custom designs can be tough if you also want to stay current on what is trending! You want to pick a color and style that not only feels like you now, but will keep you happy in your kitchen 5, 10, even 20 years from today. Let’s take a look at some modern custom kitchen cabinets and review their style and functionality. 

Custom Modern Kitchen Cabinet Colors

A great easy and custom modern kitchen cabinetry idea it to utilize color within your kitchen. Whether you want a bright bold color like royal blue, or something more neutral toned like a mossy green, introducing color into your kitchen is a great way to add modern flare.

The great part about adding color to your space, is that it does more than just add dimension to your kitchen cabinetry. Muted, soft, subtle tones will balance out the rest of the kitchen space. Contrarily, bold bright blues, pinks, and yellows will add unique flair creating an unforgettable space. 

White Minimalist Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Another great idea is to go with a bright white and lean into the minimalist trend. White custom modern kitchen cabinets will brighten your home space and leave lots of area for light to reflect. This will make even small kitchens feel bigger and as if there is more natural sunlight. Utilize glossy countertops to enhance this effect and lean into the minimalist look and feel.

Kitchen Cabinets with Custom Kitchen Island

In the past ten years, we have really seen a dramatic rise in the need for custom islands. Whether you are looking to add some extra storage cabinets, or would like to have additional seating in your kitchens, islands are a great addition to you kitchen space. Custom kitchen cabinet designs often feature custom kitchen islands as well. Custom islands are a super modern kitchen design idea that boosts functionality of your space and can be tastefully paired with any style of cabinetry. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Features

A great feature of custom design kitchen cabinets is that you can really utilize the most amount of space possible. If you have a narrow kitchen, or other features that are difficult to work with, that is no issue to an experienced kitchen designer. 

You can also opt for special kitchen cabinets custom design features like hidden trash containers, paper towel drawers, blind corner optimizers, and cutting boards. 

Any Style, Any Features, Always Custom

No matter what style or design you are interested, the custom kitchen designers are Kloter Farms are ready to help bring your dream kitchen to life! Our custom modern kitchen cabinetry showroom in Ellington, CT has a wide range of styles and customization options for you to view in person and at full kitchen scale. We are eager to work with you and design a kitchen you will love for years to come. We invite you for a visit!

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