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Five Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Home  

Cabinets are a pivotal element in any kitchen. Not only do they alter the look of the space, but they also directly impact how you use it. If you’re considering a remodel or upgrade, the right cabinets can help you transform your kitchen into a space that’s truly worthy of its status as the heart of your home.

Wondering where to start when it comes to your kitchen redesign and cabinets? Here’s a closer look at five cabinet design ideas.

1. Think Outside-the-Box (and Off the Wall)

When most people think of kitchen cabinets, they imagine mounted wall designs. However, kitchen islands are a wonderful way to amplify both counter and cabinet space. Customizing an island with built-in cabinets and shelving has the potential to maximize everything from prep and cooking space to storage. To ensure cohesion and harmony, match the island to your other cabinets.

2. Consider Color Carefully

The color of your cabinets can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. For example, solid black cabinets make a bold and modern statement, while all-white cabinets have a crisp, clean look. We also love colorful cabinets, which can become a focal point in and of themselves. One popular choice among today’s homeowners? Light-colored cabinets and countertops, which brighten up a space – especially in contrast to dark wood flooring or a dark tiled backsplash.

3. Use Your Space Wisely

If you’re working with a lot of space in your kitchen, lining an entire wall with top and bottom cabinets generates a significant amount of storage while supporting an uncluttered and open aesthetic. If you’re shorter on square footage, meanwhile, incorporating cabinets into the bottom of the room while sticking with shelves at the top creates visual interest and depth.

4. Let Them Do Double-Duty

Just because the primary purpose of cabinets is storage doesn’t mean they can’t be multi-functional. By leaving space above cabinets rather than connecting them directly to the ceiling, you can create an airier and more open feeling in the room while simultaneously allowing space to display decorative items. If you entertain frequently, a well-placed cabinet can also double as a bar in a less-traveled part of the kitchen, encouraging guests to socialize nearby while you prepare meals.

5. Play with Size and Scale.

Not all kitchens are created equal. And if you go the custom route with Kloter Farms, neither are all cabinets. Depending on your kitchen’s unique layout and setup, custom kitchen cabinets can be designed, built, and installed to fulfill your specific needs. For example, shallow cabinets in a tight space are perfect for storing condiments, spices, and other small items. Corner cabinets are also an effective and accessible storage solution that won’t detract from your kitchen’s flow.

Kloter Farms’ hand-crafted custom kitchen cabinet solutions are anything but cookie-cutter. Rather, they’re guided and brought to life with the specific needs of a home and its inhabitants in mind. And when you partner with Kloter Farms for your kitchen redesign, the options are near-endless. Contact us today to start designing the kitchen of your dreams!

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