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New Year, new design ideas! Remodeling your kitchen is such a fun experience. We are seeing many fun trends pop up, and some that are hot on the rise. We are excited to see these new trends come to life and inspire our customers and customers-to-be! Let’s look at 5 custom kitchen cabinet design ideas for 2023. 

1. Light and Airy

Bright and light is how we want everything to be in 2023! A light and airy kitchen is one of our favorite custom kitchen cabinet ideas. This look keeps things minimal, bright, and inviting. This is a great idea if your kitchen has big beautiful windows that let in a lot of natural lighting. 

To create this look, opt for light colors for your kitchen cabinetry – this could be white, cream, even neutral baby blues and greens. These bright, reflective colors will let the light bounce and create a beautiful kitchen. 

2. Bold Kitchen Islands

Another great trend that we have been obsessed with lately is a bold kitchen island. A lot of times, it is hard to commit to a bold color for your entire kitchen. Instead of choosing a bold blue or burgundy for all of your kitchen cabinetry, pick a statement color for your kitchen island. This is a great option that will really set your kitchen island as a focal point for your home. 

3. Kitchen Islands with Extra Seating

Custom kitchen islands are great for providing extra storage and countertop room for a busy kitchen! They can also provide extra seating for kids, guests, and the host. One trend we love is an oversized, grand kitchen island. Having an island that is this large allows for extra room for seating and makes your home look oh-so inviting. 

4. Farmhouse Twist

Transform your home with a twist on farmhouse style for your custom kitchen cabinet design ideas. Accent your home with the use of warm wood tones and soft black accents. Add a twist to the vintage style by opting to paint your cabinetry a fun modern yet neutral color like olive green or burnt brown terracotta. Farmhouse accents in your lighting and décor will be a full call to yesteryear, while still showcasing a fun modern side with the playful colors. 

5. Golden Accents

Gold Accent Hardware

Silver Accent Hardware

Our last and favorite kitchen cabinet design idea for 2023 is the return of gold accents. Silver and steel have been trendy for quite some time. Gold accents are back in and we love the use of gold for kitchen chandeliers, cabinet hardware, and appliances. This will definitely give your home a more luxurious look and feel. If you’re going for a classic, deluxe feel to your kitchen, adding in gold accents where you can will take your design to the next level. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Kloter Farms

No matter what design idea you have in mind, we have people who will make your dreams come to life! Visit our kitchen cabinetry design showroom in Ellington Connecticut and be inspired by our quality craftsmanship. Bring your ideas, photos, and anything else that inspires you! We can’t wait to get started on creating your custom kitchen design. Call or visit us to get started

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