Designing a beautiful kitchen that is swoon worthy is the most amazing experience! It’s easy to get swept up in the bold colors, finishes, and designs that are available for modern kitchen islands. Keep in mind the reality of your kitchen and the ultimate purpose – to be convenient. You’ll want a kitchen that is visually appealing AND functional to use. Here are some of our favorite ideas for custom kitchen islands that are both aesthetically pleasing and super functional. 

Include Sinks and Appliances

The purpose of a custom kitchen island is to add extra space to your kitchen. A unique idea to reorganize the flow of your kitchen space is to have a sink, microwave, or oven built into the island. This will reframe your kitchen, providing more counter space on top of the other existing kitchen islands. Not only that, but it will be a show stopping, conversational piece of your home.

Mix and Match Your Storage Features

An incredible part about working with a custom kitchen island designer is that you aren’t locked into a certain cookie cutter format for your island. One of our favorite custom kitchen island ideas is to switch up your drawer styles and add in unique features to your kitchen island. Include standard cabinet doors, some pull out drawers, hidden paper towel holder, trash storage drawer, kitchen aid stand lifter… the options are nearly endless! Don’t feel as though you have to stay locked into symmetry with your island! Play around and browse the custom features we offer, and add in your favorites to create a uniquely custom island. 

Create a Mock-Bar In House

Love having extra seating in the house? Maybe you want to have your new island replace your dining table? Is your favorite part of home ownership hosting other people? This idea is great for you!

Created an elongated kitchen island with extra seating on one end. This will give a bar-style effect so that you can cook, prep, and be your own mixologist while your family and friends view from the other end of the island. 

Brighten Up with a Bold Color

White kitchen cabinets are super trendy and we see the appeal! Such a neutral color blends nicely with any color and style countertop and island. If you want to give your neutral toned kitchen a bright fresh pop of color, pick out a unique and bright color for your kitchen island! Alternatively, you could choose a fun printed marble or granite countertop to add in a nice contrast to the kitchen. 

Butcher Block Countertop

Another great functional kitchen island idea is to utilize a butcher block wooden countertop. This idea works particularly well if you have a longer than average island, as a stone slab will likely not come long enough to cover that without being two pieces. Wooden countertop will add a sense of warmth and familiarity to your kitchen while still being a solid, sturdy structure. 

Custom Designed Kitchen Islands from Kloter Farms 

No matter what creative kitchen island design ideas you have in mind, we are eager and excited to get started on your project. Our wide variety of custom kitchen islands allow you to mix and match different features to create the kitchen island which is perfect for your lifestyle. We pride ourselves on being functionality forward. No matter what style or trend you are aiming for, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the highest quality product that is focused on functionality and supremely beautiful. Come discover what custom kitchen island option we have available by calling us or visiting our showroom in Ellington, CT. 

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