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20×30 Elite Dutch with T-1-11 Siding – Plus Full Second Floor!

Many homeowners share a common problem: a shortage of square footage. Unfortunately, no matter how much Marie Kondo-ing you do, it’s impossible to create extra space in your property where there is none. So, what’s a space-pressed homeowner to do? When it comes to expanding the square footage of homes in a uniquely opportune way, barns are a smart solution.

Here’s a closer look at the amazing versatility and customizability of barns, along with why a Kloter Farms barn is an excellent choice that will enrich how you live in your home for years to come.

The Versatility of Barns

When we hear the word “barn,” many of us think of traditional agricultural buildings used for sheltering livestock and storing farm equipment. While barns continue to serve these purposes, they’re also useful for much more.

Available in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, barns are wonderfully multifunctional. Whether you’re looking to make extra room for a workshop, studio, guest house, or entertainment area, a barn can help you bring the personalized space of your dreams to life.

Make Every Detail Count

24x28 Elite Cottage with T-111 siding

24×28 Elite Cottage with T-111 Siding

Every homeowner has different wants and needs. No matter what yours are, a custom Kloter Farms barn can help you achieve them. In addition to choosing the size and style of your barn, you’ll also have your pick of details, including vinyl and permatrim, pressure-treated wood floors, handmade shutters, reinforced doors, a variety of rooflines, and many other customization aspects. Once you’ve determined how you’ll use the extra space created by your barn, the options are almost endless when it comes to bringing your vision to life. These details enhance both the form and functionality of the final product.

Choose your doors, windows and trim – personalize with a cupola and weathervane.

Not only will your barn fulfill its purpose through the creation of extra space, but it will also become an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property.

16×22 Elite Cape with Vinyl Siding

Customize Your Kloter Farms Barn with Help from Our Team

With so many different barns for sale, it’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed when trying to decide between them. We invite you to check out our barns, including horse barns, prefab barns, custom barns, and more, to get a better sense of your options. Additionally, our professional team of experts is ready to help walk you through the process of selecting and customizing your structure.

20×30 Elite Dutch

20×24 Elite Cape

14×24 Elite Dutch with Vinyl Siding

Regardless of the specifics of your particular barn, barn shed, or barn garage, when you choose to partner with Kloter Farms, you do so with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting a meticulously handcrafted piece that will serve its purpose and add beauty to its surroundings.

We invite you to contact the Kloter Farms team today to start designing a custom barn of your own.

20×30 Elite Cottage with T-111 Siding

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Google Rating
Based on 437 reviews