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Thinking of reorganizing your home office space? There’s no better time than right now to get started. Throw away the concept that it needs to be a New Year’s resolution or that it needs to happen under a specific set of conditions. Instead, commit to starting – right now.

Avondale Shaker Desk

Avondale Shaker Desk

If you think about it, there are more reasons than ever to start getting your home office organized. Specifically, people are spending more time in their homes together at this unique point in time. Not to mention that more professionals are working remotely, and this trend is expected to continue moving forward. An organized office is a more comfortable and convenient office. After all, the more organized your office is, the less time you’ll spend trying to keep up with the chaos of clutter.

The takeaway? While undertaking a home office organization project may take an initial upfront investment of time, energy, and expense, it will pay for itself in the long run in the form of a more productive and functional space.

Norfolk Desk

Norfolk Desk

Now that the upsides of organizing your office are evident, it’s time to begin. There’s good news on this front – there’s no “right way” to go about organizing your home office. Rather, it’s all about understanding and acknowledging your personal preferences and work processes. This comes down to one underlying question: What does it take to keep you on task and efficient?

Still, some basic organizational principles and tips can serve as useful guidance during your home office design or update project – and we’ve got you covered. Here’s a closer look at five office organization tips aimed at helping you design and bring to life a successful work-from-home environment:

TIP #1: Write Down Your Needs and Mentally Map Out Your Space

While everyone’s home office wish list looks different, there are a few commonalities. Some typical things that might be on your list include the following:

  • A practical surround-style desk that supports an easy-to-navigate work area
  • The ability to see the computer screen as well as out the window
  • An ample amount of drawer and file drawer space
  • Shelves for supplies
  • Under-desk storage for trash and recycle bins
  • An adequate work surface for everything from design tools to a calendar
Avondale Room Desk

One desk that fits the bill for many people looking for the perfect desk is our Brown Stone Corner Computer Desk. According to one homeowner, “I went with [this piece] because it gave me a desk that surrounded me, drawer space, a file drawer, under desk storage, and that big work surface area. I choose to do a base only (no hutch top), so I could still see out my window and what’s going on in the world. I brought in some coordinating bookcases that nicely fill in the area and provide the abundant storage for all my supplies.”

Brown Stone Corner Desk

Brown Stone corner desk shown with matching file cabinet and bookcase.

Other options for home office desks range from our stately executive corner desk to the compact yet practical Oak Scholar Desk. Or, consider an adjustable standing desk to enjoy an abundance of health benefits.
Ultimately, the type of corner desk or executive desk you choose is determined by your unique needs, from the kind of work you do to the space constraints of your home office. This brings us to our next tip: putting organization and efficiency at the forefront.

TIP #2: Organize and Streamline for Function and Efficiency

Home offices come in all shapes and sizes. So does home office furniture. Depending on the square footage of the space you’re working with, you may have room for different types of furniture in addition to a desk and chair. Other common office furniture pieces include filing cabinets and bookcases. Ideally, everything within your work area will be in easy reach without feeling crowded. The right setup can be instrumental in keeping you on time and on task. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with customized home office furniture and modular home office furniture that lets you design the optimal individualized setup.

Remember, just because a home office is for working, that doesn’t mean it has to be entirely utilitarian. For example, selecting home office décor in a style you love, such as industrial style, fuses form and function. Additionally, you may choose to incorporate other furniture into your home office to create a multifunctional space. Working with more square footage? Introducing a sofa or sectional is an inviting touch.
Speaking of seating, don’t underestimate the importance of your desk chair. Because the best office chair for one person may not be the best for another, factors like comfort and ergonomics are important considerations for everyone.

TIP #3: Mix Tech with Old School Methods

Avondale Montgomery Desk

Avondale Montgomery Desk

Technology is an integral part of modern life. Many of us are married to our iPhones and other devices, and with great reason: They’re very powerful and make life better and easier in many ways, such as through calendar syncing, access to social media, reminders, photo capabilities, and more.

At the same time, many people also retain “old school” practices, such as using whiteboards and paper calendars – both because these methods may work best for us and because we may simply like maintaining that more traditional aspect of life.

Alamo Pencil Desk

Alamo Pencil Desk

Whether using cutting-edge technology or a relic from simpler times, stick with the mix of methods that works best for you. In some cases, this may accelerate your workflow, while in other cases, it may slow you down – in a good way. Regardless, every detail and moment of your life doesn’t need to be locatable in the cloud. The degree to which you embrace or forgo technology ultimately depends on your work style and personal preferences.

TIP #4: Surround Yourself with What Keeps you Grounded

We’re all familiar with how demanding work can be. Our lives are busier than ever and often full of stress. Maintaining a balance between personal and professional commitments can be challenging, especially if you’re working from home. Unfortunately, when we get caught up in work, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important and what matters most in life.

While home offices are professional by nature, this doesn’t mean that they can’t incorporate pleasing personal elements, too. Inspiring quotes and pictures of family, friends, vacations, and memories can keep you feeling inspired and grounded throughout your day.

Brown Stone Executive Desk

Brown Stone Executive Desk

Controlling clutter is another way to stay grounded – especially when you factor in research demonstrating that clutter is a productivity killer. This doesn’t mean your space has to be spare or spartan. Rather, storage furniture like home office file cabinets and custom home office bookcases offer a “best of both worlds” solution by helping to maximize organization and minimize mess.

TIP #5: Add Some Fun!

This ties in with tip number four. The average person spends much more than 40 hours a week working. If you’re in your home office this much, shouldn’t it be a warm and welcoming setting where you actually want to spend your time? Many people mistakenly assume that home offices should be “all work and no play.” However, we believe that every room in your home is an opportunity for self-expression, and an office should be no different. From a beautiful painting or sculpture to an heirloom bookcase displaying a treasured collection, there are many ways to embrace and showcase your style.

Callaway Bookcases

Add a pop of color to your home office with our Callaway bookcases!

In addition to selecting furnishings that speak to your personal taste and aesthetic, seek out decorative pieces that you love, such as plants and items in your favorite hues. That way, even when work is stressful, you’ll be surrounded by things that bring you joy. Just be sure to practice restraint while adding these elements. There’s a line between delightful and distracting.

Another reason to introduce plants to your home office? In addition to adding an element of beauty, research shows that indoor plants can boost your mood, productivity, creativity, and concentration while also promoting cleaner air.

Home offices are inherently utilitarian, which means keeping your space organized and efficient is important. However, your home office is also an extension of your living space. Incorporating these five tips into your office organization process can help ensure that the end result is as attractive as it is efficient.

Avondale Desk

Avondale Home Office

If you’re ready to transform your home office into an ideal work environment, Kloter Farms is here to help. We offer an extensive inventory of high-quality, solid wood furniture, including custom home office desks, executive office furniture, modular home office furniture, home office leather desk chairs, custom home office file cabinets, home office bookcases, modular bookcases, modular hutch tops, and more. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, our team of design experts and artisans can help you design it and bring it to life.

Contact us today to get started designing a custom home office that can support your remote work needs while simultaneously enriching the look and feel of your home!

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