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Three Benefits of Gazebos & Why You Should Add One to Your Backyard

Gazebos are an attractive addition to any property. However, they’re also purposeful. This combination adds up to make them the “gold standard” of outdoor structures because they fuse form and function. If you’ve been on the fence about adding a gazebo to your landscape design, here’s a closer look at three beautiful benefits:

12×20 Traditional Ivory Vinyl Pavilion

1. Add Visual Flair to Your Outdoor Spaces

Anyone who’s seen “The Sound of Music” is likely familiar with the allure of a gazebo, which is featured in the film when the oldest Von Trapp daughter sings “16 Going on 17.” If you fell in love with the idea of a gazebo while watching this movie, you’re far from alone. The sweet scene embodies the romance of these popular outdoor structures. Gazebos add curb appeal and also become an appealing focal point in any yard or garden. Looking for a truly show-stopping display? Your gazebo or other outdoor structure can also be used to support climbing plants, vines, and flowers.

Vinyl Hampton Pavilions – a 16×20 covers the outdoor dining area and a 10×10 protects the hot tub

The gazebo shown in the film was just one of the many styles of gazebos for sale available today. From pavilions and pool houses to pergolas and sunrooms, these charming buildings are offered in a variety of gazebo designs, including both wood gazebo and vinyl gazebo options. If you can’t find the exact option you envision, consider customizing your own to create the ideal design for your unique wants, needs, and preferences.

2. Provide Shelter & Room to Gather with Loved Ones

While gazebos may not count toward the square footage of your home, they amplify it in many ways by essentially creating the space and privacy of another indoor room. In addition to offering protection from the elements and shade on a sunny day, screened-in gazebos can also serve as the location of everything from quiet nights at home to outdoor dining spaces for events, gatherings, and parties. They’re also an aesthetically pleasing setting for special occasions, such as weddings and receptions, and make for truly stunning photographs. Plus, aren’t the memories sweeter when they take place in your own home?

10×16 Cameo Gazebo

14×20 Trad. Pavilion

Vinyl Pavilion Gazebo

Vinyl Arcadian Pergola

We’ll work with you to incorporate any of our gazebos, pergolas or pavilions into your existing landscape.

3. Create Added Storage for Outdoor Items

While we often think of gazebos in terms of the shelter they provide, they can also double as sheds serving another important function: storage. This is a modern commodity for the majority of homeowners who are looking for space to store everything from seasonal decorations to sports, gardening, and other equipment. A gazebo is a perfect place to tuck things away while simultaneously offering easy access when something is needed.

This vinyl 14×28 Imperial pool house provides sheltered indoor and outdoor areas for entertaining – or just hanging with the family.

Of course, not all outdoor structures are created equal. The beauty and usefulness of your gazebo are directly influenced by its design, materials, and craftsmanship. Hence, the value of custom-made gazebos from Kloter Farms. Constructed with your choice of pressure-treated wood or maintenance-free vinyl, every structure is brought to life by skilled craftsmen in small woodshops across the country. Of course, in a time when people are at home more than ever before, a gazebo doesn’t just promise to improve your property, but also your quality of life.

This Artisan pergola is shown with a rough cut cedar top and vinyl posts. It makes a great addition to an existing patio or deck.

Kloter Farms offers an extensive selection of gazebo ideas and gazebo plans. Whether you know exactly what you want or are simply looking for inspiration, we invite you to visit our Ellington, CT showroom to see our gazebos and other extraordinary outdoor structures in person. Or, contact us today for more information!

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