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There is a lot to consider when beginning your kitchen cabinetry remodel project. Color and hardware style might be the first things that run to your mind, but the inner details are just as important as the exterior look. The quality of your kitchen cabinets is extremely important to your cabinetry project. While you can easily order pre-manufactured cabinets, handmade kitchen cabinets are another option to consider. Handmade kitchen cabinets can open up a world of possibilities and custom solutions that are not always available in their manufactured counterpart. Let’s look into the benefits of kitchen cabinets handmade. 

Custom Quality Storage Solutions

With handmade kitchen cabinets, there is no idea too big or too small. If you have any large or small storage spaces that you’d like to take advantage of, choosing handmade cabinets might be the best option for you. Custom kitchen cabinets like these can create unique spaces that hide appliances and trash bins, while providing special spots for paper towels, cutlery, and bulky pans. 

Manufactured cabinets will nicely fill the space in your home, but these features will not be available to you. Manufactured cabinets will come in one size and style, without room for adjustments. This could leave unsightly gaps or inconvenient spaces in your kitchen. Your kitchen is a special part of your home! Use your kitchen to its maximum capacity with custom storage solutions that come with handmade kitchen cabinets. 

Colors, Stains, and Woods

Choosing handmade kitchen cabinetry allows you the options to get specific with your kitchen look. You are not limited to a certain set of stains or wood varieties! At Kloter Farms, you can choose your handmade kitchen cabinetry to come in oak, brown maple, cherry, character cherry, and hickory woods. We also have a wide arrangement of paint and stain varieties. Your handmade kitchen cabinets can be crafted to match your existing furniture and home accent pieces.  

In comparison, manufactured kitchen cabinets may only be able to offer you a limited number of options. In addition, many manufactured cabinets are made of particle board or particle board pieces. While this produces a quick turnaround time, it also is very limiting of what you can do. You will only be allowed a certain number of styles and colors as that is what the company can manufacture in bulk. 

American Made Solid Hardwood

Handmade kitchen cabinets will come from only the finest materials. Each is delicately picked and handled with care, no matter what style wood you choose. With handmade kitchen cabinets, each piece will be made with all solid hardwood. That includes the exterior of your cabinets, as well as the inside drawers and back pieces. 

Manufactured cabinets are often created with particle board. Particle board is not solid hardwood, it is wooden fragments that are compressed together with a coating. In comparison to solid hardwood particle board is much weaker and easier to damage. This can result in shorted wear and lifespan of your kitchen cabinetry, which can be a disappointing side effect of the material. If you’re investing in your kitchen, choose a cabinetry that is a strong wood that lasts many years. 

Kloter Farms Handmade Kitchen Cabinetry

Handmade kitchen cabinetry will provide you with a higher quality product that will last for years to come. The customization options are endless, and there is never a shortage of creative solutions that you can make with your kitchen cabinetry. At our showroom in Ellington, Connecticut you can touch and feel the quality of our handmade kitchen cabinetry in person. Give us a call or join us for a visit! We can’t wait to see you. 

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