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Manor Cape Shed by Kloter Farms - West Hartford, Connecticut

Manor Cape Shed – West Hartford, CT

Who doesn’t love a swimming pool? Pools are a great addition to any home! Whether you choose in-ground or above-ground, pools are a great way to bring the vacation experience to your own backyard. Planning the perfect pool set up in your yard takes a little bit of planning to have the maximum fun! The most important factor in designing your pool house project is placement. How close can a pool be to a house? Let’s find out.

What Constitutes a Pool?

12 x 16 Vinyl Villa Shed by Kloter Farms

Kloter Farms Villa Shed

In Connecticut (Kloter Farms’ location), any house/property will have a pool if the structure that contains water that is over 24 inches deep, according to Aquapool. Small children/kiddie pools thus do not have any need for a permit because of their shallow depth.

How Close Can an Above Ground Pool be to a House

If you’re looking to add an above-ground pool to your property, you will want to examine your property and make a plan before you add the pool to your yard. How close can a pool be to a house depends on where you live. The size of your property can determine the size of the pool you are allowed to get, as well as the county, municipality, or local housing association you belong to.

How Close Can an Inground Pool be to a House

18 x 24 Elite Kloter Farms Pool House

18 x 24 Elite Kloter Farms Pool House

White Poolside Ultimate Louvered Pergola West Hartford CT

Poolside – Ultimate Louvered Pergola

When looking into installing an inground pool, how far should a pool be from the house? Similarly to above-ground pools, inground pools’ proximity to your home and property line depends on where you are living. Generally speaking for both above and inground pools, your pool should be at least 10 feet or more from your house. This rule of thumb goes for any size pool you may be considering. Again, to get the correct answer, contact your local zoning, your housing or condo association, and determine your local regulations. How close can pool be to a house depends on your specific state, county, town, and housing authority.

How Close Can Your Pool be to Your House?

20 x 24 Elite Poolhouse Glastonbury, CT by Kloter Farms

20 x 24 Elite Poolhouse Glastonbury, Conn.

So, what is the long and short of it when it comes to pool-to-house proximity? How close can your pool really be to your house? Have the general idea that it will likely be at least 10 feet from your property line and from your structure. Then, have a home inspector come and start plans based on your specific property. This will be your best route, as you’ll need specific information for your town and housing authority.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider your specific property – what is underneath the ground? Does rain water pool in your yard naturally in one area? Do you have any plumbing, wells, or septic systems buried in the ground that could affect your placement? It really is specific to your property, so contact your town and check to see what zoning regulations you need to adhere to. When you’re ready to take the next step in your backyard pool project, contact Kloter Farms and we’ll get you the patio furniture and pool shed of your dreams.

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