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How Do Mattress Warranties Work?

So you have finally made the decision that your old mattress has to go. While coming down to the final stages of your mattress shopping experience, you wonder: should I have a warranty on my mattress? What even is a mattress warranty? How does it all work?

While mattress warranties might not be the most exciting topic, they are important if you have purchased or intend to purchase a mattress in the near future. Luckily, we’ve compiled all of the information that you might need to understand how mattress warranties work.

What Are Mattress Warranties?

Similar to a warranty that you might have on a new appliance or vehicle, mattress warranties serve to protect your product for a limited amount of time if the product becomes defective. In this case, your ‘product’ is a mattress.

If your mattress ends up being defective for some reason, a warranty will allow for you to get your mattress or foundation repaired or replaced if applicable. Essentially, the warranty is a commitment from the manufacturer that if there is a defect or production error, you are not to blame.

It is important to understand your mattress warranty. Understanding what is covered under the warranty will prepare you to know what kind of action to take if an issue presents itself in the future. An industry rule of thumb is that mattress warranty lengths are generally a reflection of the mattress quality. Shorter warranties, such as 5-7 years, are an indication of lower quality products. Higher quality mattresses typically have longer warranties (10+ years) because a higher quality product is a longer-lasting product.

Premium and Organic Mattresses by Kloter Farms

At Kloter Farms, our mattresses are all American Made. Kloter Farms Premium Mattresses provide the most support and comfort available. Kloter Farms Premium Mattresses are the best in the industry; we hold ourselves to the highest standards in the furniture and mattress industries.

Kloter Farms Organic Mattresses are made from organic latex and coil steel inner springs. These mattresses offer up the most durability available in an organic mattress. Our Premium and Organic Mattresses are each handmade one at a time, ensuring that dedicated time and care has gone into every mattress that is produced. 

Kloter Farms Premium Mattress Warranty

With the intricate layers and detailed engineering that goes into each Kloter Farms Premium Mattress, we go above the standard and warranty any mattress that has an impression of ½ inch or more.  Due to the high quality of our mattresses, we expect them to last longer than a traditional mattress from a big box store. 

Our Premium Mattresses are warrantied for 20 years – mattresses that have an impression of a half-inch or more for 10 years, and prorated fifty percent of one-inch impression for years 11-20. Kloter Farms line of Organic Mattresses are also warrantied for 20 years – 15 years non-prorated, 5 years prorated. 

A prorated warranty simply means that only a portion of the costs are covered by the manufacturer; the remaining is the consumer’s responsibility. The Kloter Farms Premium Warranty is split so that 10 years (15 years for the Organic Mattresses) are non-prorated with 100% costs covered. The remaining years are prorated fifty percent, so the costs would be evenly split between the purchaser and manufacturer.

What Is Not Covered?

The warranty may be voided if the bedding is found to be stained or soiled, or if improperly supported. 

To ensure your warranty request can be eligible for repair or replacement, be sure to keep your proof of purchase with the date, place of purchase, and purchase price. Additionally, the warranty will only be applicable to the original purchaser! If you happen to give your mattress away to someone else, they will not be able to get such a replacement. 

Once you’ve read and asked any questions about your mattress warranty, it is a good idea to keep a copy of the receipt and warranty in a safe folder or memorable location that you can easily access if needed in the future.

How Do I Keep My Mattress in Good Condition?

Try to keep any sort of fluids (food, drink, bodily, or pet) from seeping into the mattress. Additionally, if you have young curious children, try your best to keep them from standing or jumping on the bed, as this can create uneven impressions. 

Mattress protector
Mattress protector

A mattress will sag due to poor quality foam and poorly manufactured coils. A mattress can also have an indent or sag if it is paired with a cheap quality boxspring or foundation. Choosing a proper boxspring and foundation will keep your mattress in the best condition. 

A matching foundation and boxspring for your mattress will provide it with the proper support and longevity. Be sure to rotate your mattress 2-4 times a year, and flip your mattress over if you have one that is double-sided. 

You must also have a mattress protector – the number one reason for a voided warranty is having a soiled mattress. Mattress protectors defend against soiling, dust mites, and allergens. Mattress protectors are also waterproof, breathable, and easy to wash. Mattress protectors both shield your valuable mattress and also provide you with the healthiest sleep possible.

Now You Know! – Everything About Mattress Warranties

A mattress warranty is an important piece of the process of getting a new mattress. A mattress is a big investment and will be part of your life for many years. Mattress warranties help you rest assured, knowing that if there is a sag or a snag that comes up, you’ll be covered. 

Keeping your mattress safe with a mattress protector will give an extra guard to your mattress, so that you’ll be able to reap the full rewards of your warranty if needed. For more information about our mattress warranties, please call Kloter Farms or email us and we’ll be happy to further explain the details to you.

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