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Moving a shed is a big task, especially if you have a larger shed and need to rent equipment in order to ensure things are moved properly. You’ll want to ensure that you keep your shed safe, and also keep yourself safe! Large storage buildings should be moved only after you’ve made the proper arrangements and understand the scope of your project.

Reasons Why You’d Move a Shed

There are many reasons why you might need to move a shed. If you have new neighbors or reevaluate your shed placement, you may want to be further away from the property line. You may have purchased a new home and your shed ends up being in a bad placement for water pooling during inclement weather. You might want to move your shed just to reorganize your yard. Lastly, if you’re moving off the property to a new location, you might want to move your shed! Whether you have a big move planned, or just across the yard, there are important steps to consider before you get started.

Before Moving Your Large Shed

Before you begin the process of moving your large storage shed, you’ll want to empty all contents of the shed. While yes, it would be easier just to keep everything inside, that can be a hazard to the inside of your storage building. To prevent damage to your shed and your products, remove them from inside your shed and relocate them separately. Additionally, removing the contents of your shed will make it much lighter and safer to move.

You’ll also want to inspect your storage shed, and remove anything that is keeping the shed bolted to the foundation. Depending on the climate and weather in your location, you might have nothing holding the shed down, or you might have tornado/hurricane spikes/anchors that are holding your shed down tightly into place. The size of your structure might determine this as well. Be sure to carefully inspect the area in and around your shed so that you’ve removed all the necessary parts.

How to Move a Large Shed

Figuring out how to move a shed can be complicated and confusing since there are different ways you can go about it. Here are some different ideas which you can try for your structure. As a reminder, we recommend that your shed be moved by a professional. Kloter Farms will move any of our structures for you, with a small fee based on the required mileage.

Create Space

Regardless of which method you use to move your shed, you’ll need to make sure that it is back to ground level. While most sheds are built on some kind of foundation, there is a chance (depending on how long your shed has been in the same place) that it has slightly sunk into the ground. Be sure to have the ground around your shed dug out enough to place a jack underneath. Regardless if you have a crushed stone foundation, concrete, or if you’re trying to determine how to move a shed on skids, you’ll need to give yourself enough room to get the jacks into place.

Ways to Move a Shed

How to Move a Shed with a Conveyor System

Using an automobile jack(s), lift the shed up only as high as you need. If you are just moving a shed across your property, you can use metal pipes underneath the shed and roll the shed over the pipes in a conveyor system movement to get it to your desired spot. To do this, slowly roll the shed across the pipes and place the last pipe out back at the start and continue this action.

How to Move a Shed on a Trailer

Moving a shed on a flatbed trailer you own or rent can be an easy and inexpensive way to move for your storage building. If you are planning on moving your shed out of town, or really anywhere other than across your own yard, using a trailer is going to be your best option.

When questioning how to move a shed with a truck, be sure to check with your local zoning and street laws, as they vary by state. Buildings of a certain size may not be legal to move in the street if they take up too much of one lane. Check with your state’s transportation restrictions before attempting this kind of move.

Once you know you are safe and capable to move the shed, using the trailer’s ramp, carefully maneuver the shed up and onto the trailer. A skilled combination of pushing and lifting should accomplish this task. Then, make sure that the shed is centered on the trailer bed and secured down using strapping. Be sure to lock or bolt the doors closed before attempting transportation.

How to Move a Shed With a Tractor

Moving a shed with a tractor should only be completed if you have the authorization and license to operate a tractor. If you do have the authorization to use a tractor, you will first lift the shed to the desired height using a jack, then attach the forks of your tractor to the shed and cautiously move the shed to its new location.

Moving a shed with a tractor lift is dangerous and you’ll want to watch for electrical wires, trees, and any other obstructions that might be in your path. Moving a shed with a tractor is only feasible if you are moving the shed to another part of your own property. Tractors are not equipped for public roads.

Moving a Storage Shed – Now You Know!

Moving a shed can be a difficult and confusing process. Sheds can easily be moved using a tractor, a trailer, or steel pipes depending on the length of your move! When moving, be cautious of road restrictions, telephone wires, and any other obstructions in your local area. Check with your state transportation requirements ahead of time, and remove everything from your shed prior to moving. The best moves are done by professionals that have the background and experience. If you have questions about moving your buildings or need to schedule your Kloter Farms storage shed to be moved, call us today.

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