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Garages add tremendous value to your home! Keeping your vehicle safe, a garage extends the capabilities of your property and looks incredible while doing it. A prefabricated garage is a great option for any homeowner who is wanting to add that extra space and style. How much does a prefab garage cost? Let’s find out.

What are Prefab Garages?

A prefabricated, or prefab, garage is one that is constructed off-site and delivered as a whole to your home. Prefab garage are great alternatives to do-it-yourself (DIY) garages as they are cost-effective and professionally constructed. Prefab garages are one of our most popular options for a one-car garage at Kloter Farms.

Types of Prefab Garages

How much does a prefab garage cost? There are several important factors for you to consider that can have an effect on the price. The material that you use is going to be one of the biggest elements to sway the price, as well as the kind of flooring. These different choices will then play into what kind of foundation you will need, as well as upkeep, which are long term effects you’ll want to think of now.

Wood vs Vinyl Prefab Garages

There are several different series of garages at Kloter Farms that are considered prefab. Our signature and garden series are two popular varieties of prefab buildings.  Generally speaking, the cost to use wood for a prefab garage is going to be about half the price of the same in a vinyl variety. Our Signature series one car prefab garages in the 12×20 size, are roughly 9,500 dollars, whereas the vinyl in the same size is over 11,000 dollars. The siding option you choose can have a big impact!

One Car Garage with T1-11 Siding
One Car Garge with Vinyl Siding

Many garages come with a wooden floor and are placed onto a crushed stone foundation. Larger garages, such as 2-3 car and some larger one car garages need a concrete foundation. The cost of your foundation can also make a big impact. Concrete is generally needed for larger garages, so when determining how much does it cost to build a prefab garage, try to stick to a one car garage if you are building yourself.

Delivery & Foundation Costs

Generally speaking, you are likely to have a crushed stone foundation for your one-car garage. In calculating the price of your prefab garage, also consider the cost to have the site preparation work done. If you go through and purchase a garage, typically the company you are purchasing from will offer some kind of foundation service. Kloter Farms is able to provide a crushed stone pad as part of the purchase. If we are to use the same example of a 12×20 building, a crushed stone pad will cost under one thousand dollars. 

24×30 T1-11 Garden Elite Garage
24×28 T1-11 Elite Dutch Garage

This price includes the material, labor, expert assembly and measurements for your specific building. Our site preparation team will use three quarter inch stone to accommodate the ground and go above and beyond to make sure your property is ready for delivery. 

Also included in that price will be an extra fill, grass, and debris removal at the end of the day. The only thing you’ll want to adjust yourself is any large protruding stumps that get in the way of your perfect garage spot. 

Depending on your state and town, you might need to anchor your building to the ground. This is to keep you safe, as the anchors will ensure your building stays where it is in case of an emergency weather event. Ground anchors typically cost less than fifty dollars.

How Much is a Prefab Garage

So, altogether, how much does a prefab garage cost? Given the price of the garage, delivery, labor, and materials, you’ll be looking at a range anywhere from about eight thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars. The low end of this will be your smaller garages, where your larger more intricate garages with options could be in the high twenties before factoring in delivery and permits.

Let Kloter Farms Do the Math

Pricing out a prefabricated garage can be tough! Come to the experts to help you do it right and do it fast. We offer a variety of outdoor structures, including sheds, garages, gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions. Let us help you pick the best building for your needs and your budget. We are open six days a week and are available in person, over the phone, or through email. Our goal is to get you smiling, so let us know how we can help you today.

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