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Perhaps you’ve purchased your shed already, or are in the market looking for one. One key additional feature that you’ll see is a ramp. A shed ramp can be very beneficial to the longevity of your shed and ease of use getting your products in and out. While pre-assembled shed ramps in various sizes are available for purchase, it can be confusing to navigate what you need, and potentially how to build a shed ramp for yourself. If you’re asking yourself, “how to build a shed ramp,” we can help you with that.

Why You Need A Shed Ramp

Ramps for sheds are extremely important. A shed’s most common purpose is for the storage of yard equipment. Heavier equipment that is on wheels, such as push or riding lawn mowers will be difficult to lift in and out without a ramp. Adding a ramp to your shed will put less pressure on you to lift things in and out, as well as putting less tension on the front edge of the shed. Improperly rolling your storage or mower in and out can damage the entryway to the shed. This damage might result in cracks or splintering of the wood, allowing for water to seep in. Shed ramps are important for your overall ease of use and they keep your shed in its best condition.

How to Build a Ramp for a Shed

Building a ramp for your shed doesn’t have to be hard! While there are different materials and methods that you can execute, we recommend building a shed ramp out of wood. Wooden shed ramps will be the easiest to build, and the simplest to find materials for.

Collect All Materials

For a wooden shed ramp, you’ll want to use treated wood, so that the wood is not at risk of being damaged or rotting. The wood grade you’ll be looking for is lumber between UC4A-UC4C. Each of these grades are safe for outdoor usage in residential and commercial areas. Shed ramps at Kloter Farms are available in 4’ and 6’ sizes; plan accordingly for how long and wide you’d like your ramp to be.

Your new shed will not be flush to the ground. On top of the foundation, there will be about 6 ¾ inches of elevation from the ground. For a four-foot wide shed ramp, you’ll need approximately twelve two-by-fours lain vertically to cover that space. Two additional two-by-fours will be needed horizontally on the backside of your ramp, screwed in to keep the boards together in place. Each of these two-by-fours should be 4 feet in length.

Assemble Your Shed Ramp

Lay out twelve of your two-by-fours vertically. Use the two remaining two-by-fours and place on the back side of your vertical wood; place one about a foot from the top and the other about a foot from the bottom. Screw the back pieces into place, keeping the wood secure and tight to each other. Optional to also use wood glue between the vertical planks for additional support or use one screw per vertical plank (12 total).

Shed Ramp Placement

Move your newly assembled shed ramp to lean against the bottom entryway to your new shed. Take into account the size of your doors, and adjust wood pieces with sandpaper if you notice the doors are catching on the wood. You could leave your ramp here, but for additional safety and security, we recommend screwing the ramp into the bottom of your shed. Be sure to check first and make sure your ramp is level with your shed. If your shed is not level, this would be an issue with the stone base. When you first have your shed delivered, be sure to carefully check to make sure it is sitting properly onto the stone pad before the delivery team leaves.

Cross ‘How to make a ramp for a shed’ Off Your To-Do List

That’s it! You now know how to build a ramp for shed. Your new shed ramp is completed. This process may seem somewhat simple, but without the proper equipment and tools, it may be challenging. If you are not familiar with using a drill, we wouldn’t recommend assembling your own ramp without supervision and safety gear. With the rising price of tools and lumber, you may find that this project is timelier and more costly than originally anticipated. The 4’ Pressure Treated ramp from Kloter Farms is only an additional $135 to your shed purchase, and includes professional assembly on site. Consider purchasing a ramp as an easy alternative to this DIY project.

Outdoor Essentials from Kloter Farms

At Kloter Farms, we have everything you’ll need to make your shed great. Before you purchase, talk to us about additional upgrades, including different windows, doors, and ramps. Our goal is to get you a storage building you will love and leave you with an experience to write home about. Call, visit, or email us today if you have questions about your new storage building, ramps, or any other shed accessories.

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