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Don’t worry! Figuring out how to decorate a gazebo for a wedding is not hard! There are many simple ways that you can turn a standard gazebo into a beautiful, focal point for your big day. Trying to figure out how to decorate a gazebo all together might seem overwhelming and complicated, but with these simple ideas you’ll get your idea together in no time.

How to Decorate a Gazebo: 5 Wedding Ideas

  1. Florals and Greenery
  2. Outdoor Lighting
  3. Fabric and Linens
  4. Balloons
  5. Theme-specific

Floral Summer Wedding Gazebo

Using real or artificial flowers can be a great way to add natural beauty to your gazebo for a wedding. Florals can be arranged in bouquets, they can be woven into an arch, or artfully placed along the exterior of the gazebo.

Decorative flower pots and larger flowers can add more of a statement to the existing flowers. If you’re looking for a different take on the idea, use some strands of garland or grapevine to easily set up your gazebo for a summer wedding.

Many of these floral ideas can also be a great answer to how to decorate a gazebo for summer. Using flowers are simple and timeless. Flowers come in so many different varieties and colors, you’ll be sure to find an arrangement that fits the style of any bride-to-be.

You can purchase or order florals in bulk from your local florist, or visit any kind of craft store such as a Michaels Crafts or JoAnn Fabric to find artificial flowers that will look just as beautiful on your gazebo.

Gazebo Lighting

Add brightness and a glow to the bride and groom using some gazebo lighting. From lanterns to fairy lights, there are many different styles of lighting that can work for a bride and groom. For a more rustic, farmhouse look, use lanterns and LED candles to create a safe and country house look.

Fairy lights, bulb lights, and other string lights are great to add a soft touch and romantic look, especially for evening weddings and ceremonies. Many times these lights can be kept up even after the wedding, and used other places around the wedding to add ambiance for the guests as well.

How to Decorate a Gazebo with Linens for a Wedding   

Using linens can be a simple way to add a wispy, airy look to your wedding gazebo. Using curtains, drapes, and ribbons, you can delicately place the linens all around the sides of the gazebo, or line the front entry for the bride and groom. Linens can be a great choice for a wedding gazebo, since they are relatively cheap and come in a variety of different materials, lengths, and colors.  Use the fabric to match the bridesmaids’ dresses or call attention to detail to other significant colors of the wedding party. It is these small details that will have a memorial impact on the outlook of the entire ceremony and create beautiful photographs.

Use Balloons as Decor

Balloons can be a great way to solve the question: how to decorate gazebo. You might be familiar with the somewhat dated trend of making a balloon arch. Well, every wedding needs something borrowed! Take that idea and use it as inspiration for your summer gazebo wedding. Create a balloon arch around the entryway to the gazebo, or use balloons intermittently with your flowers, ribbons, and other décor. Balloons can add in a pop of color, or can be very elegant in whites, silvers, and golden colors.

Get Creative with a Theme

If a theme wedding is more your style, take the different elements of your theme and try to incorporate them into your gazebo. A beach theme wedding might have seashells, sand, starfish, netting, and other elements that are available for your décor. A rustic, outdoor wedding, you might be able to use tree branches, pinecones, leaves, and other woodsy items to set up in and around your gazebo. Consider the different elements of your wedding – are you celebrating eternal love? Get creative with construction paper and put little hearts everywhere. Do the bride and groom have a special connection to a vineyard? Decorate with wine bottles and vines. The options are endless.

Decorating Your Gazebo For a Summer Wedding: Solved

Gazebos are great for summer weddings since they provide just the right amount of shade and will stand out among the rest of your surroundings. While you can purchase a gazebo and make it a permanent part of your union, you can find gazebos in many places available for weddings. Golf courses, town squares, and many town/state parks have gazebos for guests to use. Contact us if you have questions, comments, or want more information on transforming your gazebo into the perfect wedding setting.

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