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Whether you’ve always worked remotely or COVID-related social distancing requirements have led to an unanticipated change in your work environment, having access to an organized and functional workspace is crucial. A well-designed executive home office not only has the potential to boost productivity but can also make the workday infinitely more enjoyable.

Wondering where to begin when it comes to designing the ideal executive office? Here’s a closer look at how to create an efficient and attractive home office space with extraordinary executive office furniture.

Avondale Desk

1. Lead with the Layout

One of the most important aspects of any room’s design is its layout. As the star of your home office, the placement of your desk demands extra consideration. It’s not as simple as pushing it against the wall and calling it a day. There are many options for desk placement – each of which serves a different purpose. Additionally, your work process and personal taste should influence the positioning of your desk. For example, if nature inspires or soothes you, positioning your desk to look out the window can be invigorating or restful. Conversely, some people might find the view to be a distraction. Lastly, many Fortune 500 company CEOs don’t put their desks against a wall at all; rather, they put them in the center of the room, which can convey a sense of confidence and control.

Space constraints are also an issue. If you have a large or multipurpose executive office with a couch or sofa, your desk can sit against its back. Meanwhile, if you have less space, situating your desk in a corner or bay window can help maximize square footage.

Findlay Drop Front Desk

Brown Stone Executive Desk

Avondale Desk

2. Prioritize Abundant Storage

Whether you’re working with ample space or a limited amount, the right storage can make all the difference. We already mentioned the clutter factor, but it’s worth repeating: Not only is working in an uncluttered environment less stressful, but it’s also more efficient. When there’s a place for everything, you’ll spend less time searching for things and more time crossing tasks off your to-do list. In fact, the average American spends a total of 2.5 days per year looking for misplaced items. In short: Your time could be better spent, and a well-organized desk and office can support that imperative.

An executive desk with a hutch, for example, provides an all-in-one solution offering a winning combination of work and storage space. Other efficiency-enhancing options include an executive desk with bookshelfdesk with file drawer, cabinet desk, desk with file cabinet, and more. If you like to keep your desk free and clear of computers, custom TV stands can also do double-duty as a home for your monitor.

Norfolk Executive Desk

Norfolk Executive Desk

3. Invest in High-Quality Furniture

High-quality furniture is designed with the best materials and made with the finest craftsmanship. This means it will hold up to the wear and tear of daily use better than cheaper alternatives. Additionally, high-quality furniture may offer especially useful features, as well as customizable options designed to ensure that the furniture meets your specific wants, needs, and work habits.

Take an executive office desk, for example. While a desk is just a desk, a custom desk can be brought to life with productivity-boosting features, such as laptop or keyboard drawers, hanging file drawers, and storage drawers. Your desk chair is equally important – after all, you’ll be spending hours in it. The best executive office chairs are designed with both form and function in mind. Looking for an even easier way to outfit your executive home office? Cohesive home office furniture sets offer everything you need to create a productive space.

Traditional Desk Chair

Scholars Desk Chair

Elmira Desk Chair

Alana Chair

Finally, the design and workmanship that go into high-quality furniture make it uniquely beautiful. When you factor in that Americans work more hours than people in all other developed countries, the importance of surrounding yourself with exceptional furniture becomes even clearer. Considering the hours you’ll spend there, an elegant and inviting custom home office is an excellent investment.

Build Your Dream Office with Help from Kloter Farms

When it comes to executive desks for sale, corner desks for sale, and all of your other furniture needs, Kloter Farms offers an extensive inventory of stunning and customizable pieces for home offices and more. Whatever your vision for your home office, our mission is to help you create a space that truly expresses your design aesthetic while simultaneously improving the quality of your work and life. To learn more about how our professional and experienced team can help you design the home office of your dreams, contact us today!

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