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From prepping, cooking, and serving food to spending quality time with family and friends, many activities take place in kitchens. The best way to ensure a comfortable, welcoming, and functional space? Create an organized and clutter-free environment by adding a kitchen island with storage.

Custom Island

There’s a reason why so many homeowners prioritize kitchen islands with storage when deciding on renovations and updates. This popular upgrade has the potential to transform your kitchen and how you live in it. Here’s a closer look at the many extraordinary benefits of custom kitchen islands, along with why Kloter Farms is a go-to resource for homeowners looking to maximize their investment:

The Many Benefits of Customizable Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are the ultimate solution for making your space more convenient. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have enough room for all of your pots and pans, utensils, food, and other essentials, a kitchen island is an ideal solution. As a complement to your existing cabinetry, islands create easily accessible space for all of these things and more.

However, kitchen islands can do much more than that. A free-standing kitchen island with seating also becomes a place for casual meals while increasing space for guests during holiday dinners and other gatherings. Some kitchen islands are also movable for even more versatility.

3-tier pullout

Mixer lift with pull-out shelf

Slide-out trash/recycle

Pullout tray divider

Wine rack

Utensil drawer

Additionally, kitchen islands are an asset for busy parents looking to spend quality time with their kids while cooking. They’re a perfect perch for everything from afterschool snacks to homework help or just hanging out.

Lastly, kitchen islands create additional space for food prep, cooking, and cleanup. From simple countertop square footage to more sophisticated set-ups incorporating plumbing, electrical services, and refrigeration, kitchen islands are a favorite among home cooks.

Belmont island with hickory top

Belmont island with hickory top

Design Your Own Kitchen Island at Kloter Farms

Different families have different needs. While all kitchen islands offer enhanced functionality, custom kitchen islands allow you to maximize the benefits of your investment. Possible features for your custom-made kitchen island include pull-out shelves, slide-out recycle and trash drawers, tilt-out trash bins, pull-out tray dividers, tiered pull-outs, and more!

Available in many design styles, layouts, and options, Kloter Farms kitchen islands can be made with a wide range of aesthetically pleasing tops, including quartz, granite, butcher block, solid hardwoods, and more.

Kitchen island storage

Kitchen storage

Kitchen pull-out spice drawer

Kitchen storage cabinets

Kitchen storage cabinets

Kloter Farms: Making Your Home More Beautiful and Livable

At Kloter Farms, we know that while these options are amazing, they can also be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help! Our friendly and experienced team will guide you through every step of the design process so you can make the most informed decisions pertaining to everything from style to functionality. You’ll even receive a custom sketch of your island for approval so we can ensure it will be crafted to your precise specifications and exceed your expectations in every way.

Large island

While kitchen islands deliver serious benefits in terms of improving your quality of life in your home, they also deliver in another way: return on investment. In fact, realtors report that kitchen islands are among the best-received kitchen features. Why? Because buyers covet them for their unparalleled mix of functionality and entertainment value.

If you’re ready to improve how you live in your home while boosting its future value, you can’t go wrong with a custom kitchen island from Kloter Farms. To start designing the island of your dreams, contact us today.

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