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Cupola and Weathervane by Kloter Farms

Cupola and Weathervane by Kloter Farms

It’s in the details that make your house, shed, or garage eye-catching. One way to complement your building is with the right cupola and weathervane combination. But with three series of cupolas and over a hundred styles in weathervanes, the thought of making another decision seems a little daunting. Let me help.

6 Steps for Selecting the Right Cupola:

Step 1 – Choose the Shape

Square cupolas = Hilton Series or Skyline Series
Hexagon cupolas (6 sides) = Skyline Series
Octagon cupolas (8 sides) = Hilton Series or Crescent Ridge Series

Cupola shapes

Step 2 – Choose Windows or Louvers Panels

Windows are perfect for accommodating outdoor lighting in your cupola. Most series cupolas are available with removable windows for easy cleaning and light bulb changes. Louvers are available with an insect screens to keep bees from creating nests in your cupola.

Cupola windows and louvers panels

Step 3 – Determine Your Cupola Size

The size is determined by the length of your building. The rule of thumb is 1″-1½” of cupola base for every foot of the building’s roof line.  So if your building or home is 30′ long, your cupola should be about 30-45″ tall.

Step 4 – Choose the Cupola Material

Many of our cupolas are standard with AZEK®, which is paint-able, maintenance-free material. Some of our cupolas are also available in vinyl and cedar.

Cupola in Azek, vinyl, and cedar

Step 5 – Choose Your Cupola Roof

Our cupolas feature roofs in asphalt, straight copper, concave copper and bell-shaped copper.

Cupola roofing materials

Step 6 – Choose Your Options

Cupola Options

  • Taller Base – Skyline and Hilton Series cupolas accommodate for a 12/12 roof pitch. That means for every 12″ of horizontal, you have 12″ of vertical. Crescent Ridge Series cupolas accommodate for a 10/12 roof pitch, meaning for every 12″ of horizontal, you have 10″ of vertical. Crescent Ridge cupolas are available with a taller base option to allow for a 12/12 pitch.
  • Insect Screens – available on Crescent Ridge Series cupolas
  • Removable Windows – standard on Crescent Ridge Series and available on Hilton Series cupolas
  • Transom Windows over Louvers – available on Hilton Series cupolas
Cupola transom windows

Now it’s time to put the cherry on top of your new cupola!

Weathervane Options

2 Steps for Selecting the Right Weathervane:

 Step 1 – Choose a Size

Weather vane sizes

 Step 2 – Choose Style and Finish

Choose a style that fits your personal liking or the location of your home. Depending on the figure, finishes include polished copper or blue verde (already patina-ed) copper. Below are just a few of the styles we offer. Stop in or shop online for the entire selection.

Weather vane styles and finishes

We’re here to help! If you have questions, give us a call or stop in and we can walk through the steps together so you are happy with your selection.

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Google Rating
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