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We spend roughly 1/3 of our lives in bed.  If you’re like many Americans, you may wake up in the morning with a stiff back or feel like you’ve been run over by a freight train.

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More than likely it’s because your mattress has become defective over time. Many mattresses have a life expectancy just like most products.  Unfortunately when they go bad, so does your day.

So the question arises; Is there a good mattress out there??

Yes, there is, and Kloter Farms has teamed up with Monarch Rest to bring you one of the finest mattresses on the market.

Check out this entire page for loads of great information.

Made right here in the USA, Monarch Rest mattresses have stood for quality and a good night’s sleep since 1991.  Each product is made to order and crafted to exacting standards that rank among the finest in the world.

Constructed using the strongest innerspring in the industry and all high-density foams, it’s no wonder these units are known to last.

And speaking of lasting, Monarch Rest and Kloter Farms are so sure that you will love your mattress for years to come, that it is backed by a 20-year warranty!*

Check out the complete warranty here

Choose from different styles for the best night’s rest for you.

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*10 years pro-rated on Elite & Elite Perfect Choice Series

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