When you work with us on kitchen cabinetry or a kitchen island, our top goal is to create a kitchen you love to be in. Adding a kitchen island with seating is a great way to add extra space for family, friends, and other guests. Kitchen islands are a fun part of your home where you can play with different colors, textures and designs! Here are some things to consider when designing your custom kitchen island.

Consider Your Kitchen Island Purpose

When you begin to design your custom kitchen island with seating, keep in mind the different purposes for your island. Will your main priority be adding in extra seating for anytime dining? Or are you looking to add in a small area as a breakfast bar or coffee nook?

Differentiating between what you want out of the extra island with seating will help you determine what size island you need, as well as what kind of seating would work best for your project! A smaller breakfast bar might work best with simple barstool seating. If your island will become your new go-to dinner sit down spot, opt for upholstered seating, and one with some kind of back support to keep you and your guests comfortable.

Play with Kitchen Island Colors

Custom kitchen islands with seating are a great way to add new and fun colors into your kitchen.  One of the largest trends is to stick with the neutrals – greys, whites, and cream colors. However, a new kitchen island creates a unique opportunity to add in a bright or deep color pop into your kitchen. 

If choosing a bright colored kitchen island seems too bold for your style, you can also play around with the seating. Choose a contrasting tone for your wood stain to bring out the colors of your kitchen cabinetry or kitchen island. With upholstered seating, you could choose a fun, bright colored fabric to make the seating a bold accent feature.

Either way, we encourage you to play with color and not shy away from it! Color will only make your kitchen more exciting and draw your guests in to stay.  

Extra Space for Prep and Fun!

Your guests will love the color and wow that comes along with your new kitchen island and seating. You need to love it too! Design your kitchen island with fun hidden storage options that make prep time and clean up time a breeze! Features such as hidden outlets, slide out cutting boards, hidden trash bins, and corner optimizers create a beautiful island that is also highly functional. 

With soft closing slides and hinges, you’ll never have to worry about slamming doors and drawers! Your beautiful solid wood kitchen island will be highly functional and built to last a lifetime! 

A Custom Island You and Your Guests Will Love

At Kloter Farms we’re here to help! Our friendly and experienced team will guide you through every step of the design process so you can make the most informed decisions pertaining to everything from style to functionality to guest approval. Each island is crafted to your precise specifications with the goal to exceed your expectations!

If you’re ready to improve your home and wow your guests, contact us today and start designing the island of your dreams! 

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