One of the most important features of your home is the laundry cabinet! Often over looked, this area of your home will get frequent usage over the years and deserves its moment in the spot light. Creating a laundry cabinet that is functional and stylish will improve the livability of your home. Here are five laundry cabinet design ideas that are both functional and stylish. 

1. Solid Hardwood Countertop

When you imagine your laundry room, what comes to mind? Probably the need for lots of storage and cleaning detergents. While the washer and dryer get most of our attention, it is in the laundry room that we do most of our folding, as well. Remove the nuisance of never having enough space to fold your laundry, or having to carry it into another room to get it all done. 

A large, solid hardwood countertop is one of the great laundry cabinet design ideas. The hardwood will be easy to clean, and having a large amount of counter space will provide you with an area where you can sort through your clothes easily without being left in an uncomfortable position. 

2. Built-in Sink 

Working with a custom cabinetry designer allows you to create a space that is uniquely yours. The laundry room is where we have to take care of many messes. Having a readily available sink is important for sorting through pesky stains. Here at Kloter Farms, we have a variety of vanity tops with sinks and faucets perfect for your laundry cabinet. Stick to a simple oval sink or the more modern rectangular variety. 

Having easy access to a sink right in your laundry room will make cleaning up tough stains a breeze, and easy to throw right into the washer when you’re done with the stain removal steps.

3. Built In Pull Out Shelves

Having built in shelves that you can pull out easily for storage is one of our favorite small laundry cabinet ideas. If you have a small space, you want to be able to maximize it to get the most out of the little room you have available. This idea works in large areas as well, but can significantly change the usability of a small space.

Having large drawers that slide out is a great way to be able to use your entire cabinet space, without having items cluttered in the back that are hard to reach and visualize. Easy, convenient, and space maximizing! Plus, all of our storage drawers are soft closing, so you’ll never have to worry about slamming drawers or doors.

4. Built in Laundry Basket Storage

If you are a fan of minimalist design, this idea is for you. Create a space where you can store your laundry away, out of sight from guests. This is a particularly great idea if your laundry space is a part of your existing bathroom.

Laundry cabinets ideas come and go, but this one is definitely a long time favorite. Create a pull out shelf that is large enough to fit your laundry basket. That way, you can easily pull it in and out, but unsightly dirty laundry is hidden from plain sight. 

5. Add Personal Touches 

The most important part of your laundry cabinet idea should be you. Create a space that you’ll actually want to do laundry in. This will make the entire process so much better! Adding personal touches and pops of color will make the space more your own. This is crucial to the process! No one wants to put in that detailed work into their laundry room only to have it become wasted space. Create an area you love by making one that is representative of you.

Custom Laundry Cabinet Designers at Kloter Farms

Having custom ideas is likely for a laundry cabinet design. Work with people who you can trust and will get you a wonderful final product! At Kloter Farms, we have five different hardwood species to choose from, and will make a custom sketch of your project so you can visualize exactly how your new laundry cabinets will look. Visit our showroom in Ellington, CT to get inspired by our designs, and let us know what we can build for you. 

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