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Having a swing set at home in your backyard is one of life’s greatest treasures. Swing sets bring joy to children and adults alike! While you may feel like your journey is done after you’ve purchased your playset, it is important to do routine maintenance to keep things in mint condition. Wooden swing sets and vinyl swing sets have different types of care, so let’s review the best ways to make your wood swing set last for years to come.

How Do You Clean a Wooden Swing Set?

With wood playsets, it is important to keep them clean and safe. Especially since your younger family members and friends might not be aware of the same hazards you are. So, how do you clean a wood playset? 

Basic debris such as leaves, dirt, and sand, should be able to be brushed or blown off with a leaf blower or simple broom. For more sticky debris such as cased on mud or tree sap, you’ll be able to clean your wooden swing set with a mild all-purpose house cleaner. A pressure washer can be used to clean your playscape, but should not be necessary often if you clean away the basic debris quickly and routinely. No matter what way you clean your wooden swing set, always work from top-down! This way is easier, and you will rinse the debris back into the soil instead of rubbing the mess around.

Routine Swing Set Maintenance

Check regularly for bee and hornet nests. They can be found in many areas, including smaller areas that are not typically played with. Be sure to check inside roof peaks, and under the floor of your playsets. Bees can quickly rebuild their nests. If you are to find a nest and remove it, check the area of the nest often to ensure a new nest in the same spot has not formed. 

After you’ve had your wooden swing set for a few months, it is good practice to check that all of the hardware is nice and tight. A few times a season, check the nuts and bolts that are holding the swing set together. With a socket and wrench, tighten down any hardware on moving parts, as well as anything that may have loosened with normal play.

Swing Sets Tarps

Pressure-treated swing sets from Kloter Farms come with heavy-duty vinyl tarps. The vinyl tarps sit on the pitch of the swing set and are either in a solid green or blue color. Overall, the tarps should need minimal cleaning, as they are mildew-resistant and made out of strong vinyl. 

To keep the best care of your swing set tarps, be conscious of your location and current weather conditions. While the tarps are strong and can handle a lot, strong wind is a force to be reckoned with! Remove the tarps and store them away for safekeeping if there is a wind advisory in effect.

Pressure Treated Swing Sets

Kloter Farms wooden swing sets and play ships are all made from non-toxic, pressure-treated, Southern Yellow Pine. After years of laughter and fun on the swings, you will see some natural aging. This may look like the wood fading to a silvery grey tone. If you want to avoid the wood’s change in appearance, we recommend using a sealant on the wood.  An exterior stain or sealer will work best when the swing set is still new, to proactively prevent weathering. Since our swing sets are twice kiln-dried, applying the sealant immediately will not cause any damage to the wood. Kloter Farms recommends CWF (Clear Wood Finish) Sealant as the best sealant for wood swing sets

Pressure Treated Cliff Climb

Pressure Treated Lemonade Stand

Another appearance change you may notice is checking. Checking will present as hairline cracks along the woodgrain that occur naturally with the temperature fluctuation in your area. If you notice this on your wooden swing set, do not be alarmed as this is normal. Sealant can be used to help prevent this as well.

Vinyl Swing Sets

Vinyl Swing Set by Kloter Farms

If you would prefer a swing set that required less maintenance, vinyl might be the choice for you. The same great environmentally-friendly pressure-treated wood is machined encased with a thick, vinyl sleeve.  This way, you’ll have the strength and rigidity of the pinewood, without the upkeep. Wood will be the base, but you will not see or touch any since it is all encased in vinyl. 

Vinyl swing sets will essentially be maintenance-free!  Similar to the vinyl siding on a house, there is still a possibility for dirt and debris from the road to collect, as well as some mild mildew. As recommended with the wood swing sets, spray washing every so often will prevent any build-up and is considered normal maintenance.

Happiness Happens with a KF Swing Set

Kloter Farms swing sets are designed for years of heavy-duty use. Whether you choose maintenance-free vinyl or non-toxic, non-arsenic pressure-treated lumber, you’ll be sure to have a swing set that is fun for years to come.  Visit the display park at Kloter Farms in Ellington, Conn., and let your kids have fun on our wide variety of swing sets on display. If you have questions about swing sets or how to care for them, call or email us today.  Follow Kloter Farms on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more swing set ideas and inspiration.

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