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Multi-Car Garage Sale

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Multi-car garages are an ideal way to store cars. However, they can also be used for many other purposes. Whether you’re interested in storage for a variety of vehicles, general storage, or additional work or living space, a multi-car garage from Kloter Farms may be a perfect solution.

Our outdoor sales team will be happy to provide you with information on pricing, the process, and how to get started. Ask for information about site preparation & foundation installation. For the best garages at the best prices, visit Kloter Farms! 


Statesman Garage

Statesman Garage (Vinyl)
24×24 Reg $46,750 Sale $38,995
Includes Carriage-style doors with glass

Standard Features Multi-Car
Vintage Garage

Vintage Garage (T1-11)
24×24 Reg $47,550 Sale $41,844
Shown with optional upgrades

Elite Cape Garage

Elite Cape Garage (Vinyl)
24×30 Reg $80,075 Sale $69,995
Shown with optional upgrades

Elite Cape Garage

Elite Cape Garage (T1-11)
24×30 Reg $78,440 Sale $69,027
Shown with optional upgrades

Concord Garage

Concord 1.5 Story Garage (T1-11)
24×36 Reg $79,745 Sale $69,995
Shown with optional upgrades, includes 16×36 second story

Concord Garage

Concord Garage (T1-11)
24×24 Reg $61,825 Sale $53,995
Shown with optional upgrades

Site Prep Block
Concord Garage

Concord Garage (Vinyl)
24×24 Reg $63,145 Sale $55,495
Shown with optional upgrades, includes 16×24 second floor

Vintage Garage

Vintage Garage (SmartSide)
24×26 starting at $54,890
Sale starting at $48,295
Shown with optional upgrades

Custom Garages - Where to Start

Everything You Need to Know
to Start Planning Your Custom Garage

Statesman Garage

Statesman Garage (Vinyl)
28×36 Reg $69,005 Sale $55,995
Includes 3  9×8 Carriage-style doors with glass

20x30 Elite Dutch Garage

Elite Dutch Garage (T1-11)
20×30 Reg $69,645 Sale $61,288
As shown, includes wood floor

Elite Cape Garage

Elite Cape Multi-Car Garages
Customize Yours Today

Vintage Garage

Vintage Multi-Car Garages
Unsurpassed Craftsmanship

Signature Cottage Garage

Signature Cottage Garage (T1-11)
20×20 Reg $25,970 Sale $22,075
As shown, includes wood floor

Blog-Custom Barns
Signature Cape Garage

Signature Cape Garage (Vinyl)
24×24 Reg $38,300 Sale $32,555
As shown, includes wood floor

Safe and Convenient Vehicle Storage

If you’re looking for a way to safely and conveniently store your car, there’s no better option than a multi-car garage. In addition to unparalleled ease, a garage also protects your vehicle from the elements and even extends its lifespan.

While a single-car garage may be the best choice if you’re dealing with limited space, there are many reasons to think bigger – even if you have just one car. Obviously, multi-car garages make smart sense if you have multiple vehicles. However, they can also be used to store tractors, lawnmowers, boats, and more. Not only that, but the additional space will also come in handy for storing accessories to these items, while also serving as a place to work on vehicles and other projects.

Multi-Car Garages: Beyond Vehicle Storage

Car storage is often the first thing that comes to mind when we think of garages. However, the potential functionality of multi-car garages is much more significant – especially when you custom build a three-car garage or two-car garage to your unique specifications.

For starters, multi-car garages can also double as storage sheds suitable for accommodating outdoor furniture, gardening gear, pool equipment, and other seasonal items. They can even amplify the square footage of your home by serving as extra living space in the form of everything from studio apartments to home offices.

Customize Your Multi-Car Garage at Kloter Farms

When it comes to garages for sale, Kloter Farms offers true partnership for today’s homeowners looking to make the most of their living spaces. While functionality may be the overarching concern when you’re considering adding a garage to your property, curb appeal is also important. To ensure that your prefab garage complements your home and style aesthetic, Kloter Farms offers a variety of options, such as the Cape Garage and Barn Garage.

We know that the thought of customizing a storage structure can be overwhelming, which is why our design team is committed to working with you to support the most positive experience from design to delivery. They will walk you through all of your options while also welcoming your thoughts and contributions to the design process. When you work with Kloter Farms, you can do so with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that every detail has been considered and accounted for with your wants and needs at the forefront.

Shop Multi-Car Garages and More at Kloter Farms

Kloter Farms is known for its commitment to quality, durability, and customizability. Because we understand that no two homeowners are alike, it’s our mission to help you identify storage structures that will truly enhance your home and how you live in it. To learn more about Kloter Farms’ multi-car garages, storage structures, and other indoor and outdoor furniture for the home, contact us today.

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