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Top 5 Shed Trends in 2021

Updating your backyard with a custom shed or pool house building is a great way to add storage and function to your existing space. Over the past few years, we’ve seen more people staying home. This makes it the perfect time to get creative ideas started for your dream backyard. Sheds are a great backyard addition, especially since they can be repurposed from storage units into she sheds, man caves, workshops, or home offices! There are endless opportunities. In 2021, there were 5 popular shed trends we saw with our customers and are worth checking out for yourself.

14x28 Vinyl Imperial Pool House in Palmer, MA

1. Make Your Shed a Pool House

For those of you already with a pool, or planning to install one next year, using an outdoor shed as a pool house is a great idea. A pool shed can be used for storing your pool cleaning items and toys, such as pool shock, floating toys, and leaf skimmers. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your items safe while still keeping your yard presentable!

One of our favorite ways to make a pool house is by creating custom, outdoor shed with a dormer or mini dormer. This is great for adding light into the shed, and giving it more of a cottage feel. A larger structure can even be lofted and used as an in-law apartment for friends and guests who are staying with you.

Being entirely enclosed, a shed as a pool house is also a great changing area for children and adults alike. This can double as a space for hiding out when your poolside day of sunshine has a couple more raindrops than initially expected. Sheds are a versatile space that can be designed any way you would like it.

2. Make a Functional Workspace

A storage shed can be a great place for a home workspace. With a high number of people working from home, a prebuilt shed placed in the backyard can be a great way to create work-life balance at home. With a variety of different options for window and door styles, your work-from-home shed does not have to look like your grandparents old barn; it can be styled as a mini version of your own home!

We saw many one of a kind shed projects this year for at-home workspaces. We’ve seen a professional art studio come together from just a 12×24 Garden Special Cape Shed, which provides both a workspace and a showroom. We’ve also seen a 14×24 Garden Elite Cape Shed become a project studio for 3D printing! Regardless if you are working on large projects or small, a custom shed can be a great workplace solution.

3. Create a Side Studio

Shed studios are not limited to those of us working a 9-5, either. A shed studio can be a great place to work on side jobs, hobbies, or just have a place that is all yours to unwind. With sheds, whether they are prebuilt or custom, there are variety of sizes and options so you can truly create a building that suits your work and your personality.

Man caves and she-sheds are still a popular studio-style concept. Looking into the upcoming year, these are just the starting point for ideas. In 2021, one customer turned their 18×30 Garden Elite Cape Shed into a fully functional golf simulator space, equipped with a full bar, lounge couches, and a popcorn machine.

If you are looking for creative ideas for a more relaxing shed, one that we loved was a 14×24 Garden Elite Cape Shed that our customer turned into a custom retirement barn, with special tributes to relatives, lots of comfortable furniture, and a small fire pit outside.

4. Keep it Simple: Storage

Sheds were originally designed to keep your products safe. Whether that be keeping excess soil and tools out of the rain and snow, or housing an entire riding lawn mower, sheds are great for storage! If you are living in a cooler climate, or just love a good bonfire, a wood shed can become an essential part of your home.

Wood storage sheds not only keep your wood clean and dry, but they are also visually appealing. Placing a tarp over your wood pieces to keep them dry can be an easy, quick solution, but will stick out like a sore thumb on your property. A wood shed with some beautiful flower boxes or nice shrubbery will enhance the value of your property and keep your wood clean and dry.

5. Free Up Your Garage

In addition to wood storage sheds, a more standard shed also offers ample storage too. These can be an asset to any home, but especially if you have a garage.

Garages are great for keeping your vehicles out of the elements – rain, snow, or otherwise. However, this is a difficult task to accomplish if you are unable to fit your vehicle in. For many, a garage becomes a storage space quickly as we move different furniture, boxes, and décor in and out of the main rooms of a home.

Even our smallest sheds are great for freeing up that garage space to be used the way it was originally intended. Ramps can be added to the exterior of your shed. This makes for easy access to your belongings and ease of use being able to roll larger items in and out with ease.

No Bad Ideas!

Getting a new shed is like staring at a blank canvas.  Whether you’re interested in adding additional storage to any part of your home, wanting an extra relaxing area that is poolside, or have a special project in mind, no idea is bad and no idea is too big.

With a custom shed, or a readymade, prebuilt shed, you can make your project come to life. Luckily at Kloter Farms, we offer all of those options. To learn more about our sheds and other available outdoor structures, contact us today. For more fun shed ideas and to see our most-loved customer images, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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