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Fire.  Since the stone age, fire is one of the things that has drawn friends and family to a central location for generations.

It’s attractive and it warms everybody’s heart and body of course.

Outdoor gas fire pits add a warm, cozy glow and are a perfect focal point to any outdoor living space.

Kloter Farms Donoma Fire Pit is constructed from the highest grade poly and has all of the benefits and features that HDPE poly offers.  For more information on poly construction, Click Here


Standard Accessories

We don’t send our fire pits to your home empty-handed.  They come with some fantastic accessories to compliment the pit itself.

  1. Glass Wind Guard- Adds beauty and safety to your fire pit
  2. Cover- Protects your fire pit from the elements
  3. Crystal Fire Gems- Add beauty to your fire

Choose your color(s)

Thinking now of the colors that you may choose, you’ll want to consider whether you want your new fire pit to match the style of your home or offer a unique  focal point, or somewhere in between. With the range of color options available, you should have no problem satisfying your design impulse.

Yes, you have the option to choose a single color or a two tone combination.


One thing that you will need to consider when you are purchasing your new Donoma fire pit is about location. The most important factor to consider when choosing where your fire pit will be located is safety. Ensure that the area is totally free of all overhanging or adjacent tree branches or bushes.

Placing your fire pit on a non-combustible structure such as gravel or some hardscaping can further reduce the risk of a stray spark adding more excitement to a backyard barbecue than you’d like.

For more information, give us a call or come and see us!

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