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Pressure Treated Furniture

Kloter Farms Outdoor Wooden Furniture is handcrafted from #1 Southern Yellow Pine that has been Kiln Dried, Pressure Treated, and Kiln Dried again. This drying process eliminates the usual waiting associated with sealing or painting pressure treated wood.

Poly Furniture

Kloter Farms Poly Furniture is handcrafted from 100% fully recyclable material. It is always smooth, and will not split or crack. All weather poly furniture is available in 16 vibrant colors. It is very popular and has a reputation to last for years. This low-maintenance investment will bring enhancement to your outdoor living experience.

Outdoor Furniture Care

Poly Furniture

Kloter Farms poly furniture requires very low maintenance. No stain, paint or sealer is needed. To clean, simply use a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to keep your furniture vibrant and beautiful.

Pressure Treated Furniture

Do I have to seal, stain or paint my furniture?

It depends on what look you prefer. The furniture is made to be outdoors, exposed to direct sunlight and elements. Left alone, it will naturally weather to a silvery gray. If you do not care for the weathered silvery gray look, it’s imperative that you seal or stain your furniture. Doing this will maintain a “new-like” color for a longer period of time, as well as retard the normal checking process (hairline cracks that follow the woodgrain) that naturally occurs as wood weathers.

How often will I have to apply the sealant, stain or paint?

You can follow the manufacturer’s recommendation printed on the container product label, or your can decide as you go. Some people choose to coat every year, and some people choose to coat when the piece is new and never again.

What should I use to seal, stain or paint my furniture?

We recommend using a high quality exterior sealer or stain, similar to what you would use on a deck. Make sure all surfaces are clean and dry before any applications. We personally recommend using CWF (Clear Wood Finish), manufactured by Flood. If you want to paint your furniture, the best results are achieved by using an oil-based primer/sealer first followed by a high quality latex acrylic exterior paint. (Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second.)

When should I seal, stain or paint my furniture?

Because of the Twice Kiln Dried process, you may seal or stain it immediately. It’s also perfectly fine to seal or stain a piece after it has weathered; just make sure it is clean and dry.

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