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Pool House & Gazebo For Sale in CT

All Pool Houses & Gazebos 15% Off Including Upgrades!

Pool houses and gazebos have transformative potential when incorporated into your landscape design. From providing much-needed storage space to adding an element of curb appeal, these gracious structures are a wonderful addition to any property.

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Easy to buy and easy to deliver! Click the building you want and buy online, call us or visit us! We will be happy to show you around and help you choose the perfect building for your needs. For great pool houses at great prices…see Kloter Farms! PLUS 0% 12-Month Financing!

Imperial Pool House

Imperial Pool House (T1-11)
12×20 Reg $15,895 Sale $13,511
12×24 Reg $18,405 Sale $15,644
14×24 Reg $19,315 Sale $16,418

Imperial Pool House

Imperial Pool House (Vinyl)
12×20 Reg $15,895 Sale $13,511
12×24 Reg $18,405 Sale $15,644
14×24 Reg $19,315 Sale $16,418

Pool Bar

Pool Bar (Vinyl)
12×16 Reg $13,045 Sale $11,088
12×20 Reg $15,655 Sale $13,307
Shown with optional upgrades


Greenhouse (T1-11)
10×12 Reg $8712 Sale $7405
10×16 Reg $11,280 Sale $9588
12×20 Reg $15,120 Sale $12,852

14x28 Custom Pool House

14×28 Custom Pool House
Customize Yours Today

20x24 Custom Pool House

20×24 Custom Pool House
Many Sizes & Styles

18x24 Custom Pool House

18×24 Elite Pool House
Create Your Perfect Oasis

16x30 Custom Pool House

16×30 Custom Pool House
Design Your Own

16x26 Custom Pool House

16×26 Custom Pool House
Redesign Your Outdoor Space

20x20 Custom Pool House

20×20 Custom Pool House
Bring Outdoor Dining to a New Level

14x18 Custom Pool House

14×18 Elite Pool House
Customize Yours Today

Screen Room

Screen Room
14×24 Reg $22,975 Sale $19,529

Pavilion Gazebo

Pavilion Gazebo (Vinyl)
10×16 Reg $13,870 Sale $11,790
12×20 Reg $18,130 Sale $15,411
Shown with optional upgrades

Pavilion Gazebo

Pavilion Gazebo (PT)
10×16 Reg $9390 Sale $7982
12×20 Reg $12,660 Sale $10,761
Shown with optional upgrades


Sunroom (Vinyl)
10×16 Reg $20,075 Sale $17,064
12×16 Reg $22,470 Sale $19,100
Available insulated and wired

Belvedere Gazebo

Belvedere Gazebo (Vinyl)
  8′ Reg $5915 Sale $5028
10′ Reg $7725 Sale $6566
12′ Reg $9500 Sale $8075

Majestic Gazebo

Majestic Gazebo (Vinyl)
10′ Reg $7790 Sale $6622
12′ Reg $9885 Sale $8402
14′ Reg $11,965 Sale $10,170

Imperial Classic Gazebo

Imperial Classic Gazebo (Vinyl)
10′ Reg $10,010 Sale $8509
12′ Reg $12,060 Sale $10,251
Shown with optional upgrades

Outdoor Storage and More

All homeowners with pools know that in addition to adding a lot of fun to your life, pools also add something else: stuff. From outdoor furniture to pool toys and cleaning supplies, all of this gear requires storage – both to contain the clutter and protect your belongings from the elements. Pool houses and gazebos represent an excellent storage option for all of these items and more. If you want to make the most of your outdoor living space, adding a storage structure is an easy and effective way to do so.

Amplify Your Liveable Space

The potential of pool houses and gazebos isn’t limited to storage. When you choose a custom pool house or other outdoor structure, you can also expand your home’s square footage by providing additional space for nearly any purpose you can dream up. Whether you’re looking to entertain, host guests, create a hangout space, or design an al fresco retreat, a pool shedvinyl pavilion gazebo, or wooden pavilion can deliver.

While pool houses are available in an array of shapes and sizes, your options are almost endless with custom gazebos. A large custom pool house can be configured to meet a variety of your wants and needs as a homeowner.

A Graceful Addition to Your Backyard

While pool houses and gazebos are inherently useful thanks to the storage space and additional square footage they offer, they also fuse form with function. This is especially true when you customize one to the exact appearance you desire through your choice of design, materials, colors, rooflines, and decorative accents like cupolas. In designing your pool house or gazebo to complement your home, you beautify your landscape and create valuable curb appeal.

Discover Extraordinary Pool Houses and Gazebos at Kloter Farms

Not every pool house or gazebo for sale is created equal, however. To get the most out of your storage structure investment, quality should be at the top of your list. This begins and ends with durability. While durability is a critical factor for all furniture, it’s especially important when it comes to outdoor buildings that must hold up to extreme weather, including snow, hail, rain, and wind.

Furthermore, when shopping for a pool house or gazebo, do not underestimate the importance of craftsmanship. It is this quality that transforms an ordinary structure into an heirloom piece that will bring you and your family members joy for years.

One final consideration to prioritize when buying an outdoor storage structure like a pool house or gazebo? Customization. After all, why settle for someone else’s vision when you can bring your own to life? Customizing a gazebo or pool house to your exact specifications can help you create a personalized outdoor structure that will not only improve your backyard but also how you live in it.

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Google Rating
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