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Whether you need to protect a classic car from the elements, store your gardening equipment in a convenient place, or just need a place to park your boat or car, a garage is the perfect solution. A prefab garage will make the setup and delivery a breeze. This begs the question, what is a prefab garage and what makes it different? Let’s discuss what they are, and our top three styles that we think you will love.

12x20 Vinyl Cape Garage

What are Prefab Garages?

Many of the buildings that are sold at Kloter Farms are considered prefabricated. A prefabricated, or prefab, building is one that is constructed off-site and delivered as a whole to your home. A prefab garage is one of our most popular options for one-car garages

A prefab garage will be delivered to you ready for immediate use, needing only the stone base ready in place ahead of time. Many of our storage buildings, wood sheds, and garages are delivered in one piece. Our larger garages will still be considered prefab and require minimal assembly by our crews on site.

1. Signature Series

14x20 Signature Cape Garage
14×20 Signature Cape Garage

Garages in Kloter Farms’ Signature Series are some of our most popular designs for one-car garages. The Signature Series garages have a simple design that can be modified to fit any style. Available in three different roof lines and two siding options, the Signature Series offers a wide variety of styling options. Plus, these are only available fully assembled, so you’ll be able to start using your new garage immediately.

12 x 24 Signature Vinyl Cape Garage

12 x 20 Signature Vinyl Dutch Garage

These garages are pretty mighty too. The Signature Cape, Cottage, and Dutch rooflines range in size from a 10×16 garage to a 12×48 garage. The Cape and Dutch extend even further, to offer 14×20 through 14×48 sizes. What style and size fit you best really depends on your personal preference, and what you’d like to keep in your garage. If you are unsure about what style would work best for your lifestyle, talk to any of the expert sales staff at Kloter Farms. 

2. Garden Series

12 x 24 T-1-11 Garden Manor Cape Garage

The Garden Series is great for both one-car garages and multi-car garages. Offering up unlimited combinations, the Garden Series Garage collection has the widest variety of sizes and customized features available.

Garden Series One-Car Garages

1220 Garden Cape Garage

12 x 20 T-1-11 Garden Classic Cape Garage

14 x 24 Vinyl Garden Elite Cape

The Garden Series one car garage is available in four different roof styles: the Classic Cape, Manor Cape, Elite Cape, and Elite Dutch. The difference really with these styles is the height of the walls, and the pitch of the roof. Someone looking for a wider roof and shorter walls will opt for the Classic Cape Design, whereas the Elite Cape Garage will feature a steeper pitch (taller and narrower roof) and higher walls to support this. If wall space is a must for you, an Elite Cape is a better choice. 

20 x 30 T-1-11 Garden Elite Dutch Garage

The Elite Dutch is similar to the Elite Cape, but has a more angled and structured roof, rather than that traditional triangular shape. The Elite Dutch is most similar to an old-school barn, and often the barn similarity is a big draw for people who appreciate the farmhouse style for their outdoor living.

Multi-Car Garden Garages

22 x 24 T-1-11 Garden Elite Cape Multi-Car Garage

Garden Series two- or three-car garages are similar to the one-car garden garage, in that they are the most unique style offered at Kloter Farms. The two- and three-car garages are built within 2-4 days. Garden Series Cape Garages feature substantial roof overhangs, creating a gracious tribute to early American architecture. Offered in Elite Cape and Elite Dutch styles, these garages do require a frost-protected concrete foundation, which you can either have made through Kloter Farms’ Site Preparation team or have the garage built on your existing foundation.  The Elite models provide a full second story, which is great if you are looking to add on additional storage, or want to create a custom lounge space. 

24 x 28 Vinyl Garden Concord Multi-Car Garage

22 x 28 T-1-11 Garden Vintage Multi-Car Garage

The multi-car Garden Series is also available in the Concord and Vintage models. The Concord model falls right in between the Elite and Vintage models with a one-and-a-half story design. Custom siding is available, in addition to Duratemp T-1-11, and vinyl. The Vintage model has the same characteristics of the elite garages but varies as it is only a one-story building. The storage loft feature of the Vintage garage is a popular choice among the customers at Kloter Farms. Customer inspired, the Garden Series Vintage model is the best of flexibility and affordability. 

3. Statesman Garages

Some of our garages are built from pieces, which are then assembled for you on site. Kloter Farms on-site structures typically take between 2-4 days to build! This means, no matter which option you choose, you will have little to no wait time until you can start enjoying it all. 

24 x 24 Vinyl Statesman Garage in Enfield, CT

If you’re searching for a great multi-car garage, the Statesman multi-car garage may be the right fit for you. The Statesman garage from Kloter Farms truly represents everything there is to great function, strength, and durability. 

22 x 22 Vinyl Statesman Garage in West Hartford

24 x 24 Vinyl Statesman Multi-Car Garage

Statesman garages are vinyl-sided, one-story structures built with the same high-quality standards that we always insist on. This model is ideal for anyone who is looking to match their garage with their vinyl-sided home. 

Coming in 10 different colors and having a crisp aluminum trim, the Statesman garage is maintenance-free in every way. The Statesmen Series is great for those who have multiple vehicles to store, but do not need much additional overhead space. These garages are only one story, so they do not feature an additional floor for storage items or an extra lounge area.  Its simple, straightforward concept makes it a beautiful, maintenance-free building, which will still add quality and value to your property. 

Find Custom, Quality Prefab Garages at Kloter Farms

No matter your desired size or style, you can find a great garage at Kloter Farms. Our selection of prefabricated garages can easily be delivered and set up at your property. Our display park in Ellington, Conn. has a wide variety of sizes and styles for you to view and compare before you make a choice. Callemail, or visit us today with any questions on the garage process you may have. And when you are ready, let us know what we can build for you. For more inspiration and ideas, follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest

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