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We furnish the inside of your home with beautiful furniture – why do anything less outside? Our photo gallery is only a start of what you’ll see when you visit our 16-acre outdoor living display park. We can’t wait to meet you!

Just like our fine furniture – all of our outdoor patio furniture is made in the USA.


Advantages of poly resin patio furniture

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It will not crack, splinter or rot
  • Contains UV protective agent to resist fading
  • Colorful and bright, personalized outdoor furniture
  • Many styles available to suit your existing décor

Advantages of pressure-treated wood furniture

  • Resistant to rotting and insect infestation
  • You can seal or stain it any color you would like or leave it to weather naturally into a silvery gray color.
  • Pressure treatment extends the life of the wood
  • Several styles available, including classic Adirondack furniture, ottomans, and end tables

Our pressure-treated wood furniture is not made from “just” wood. It is premium quality, hand-selected, number 1 Southern Yellow Pine that is kiln dried, both before and after the pressure-treating process.

Backyard Enhancements

In addition to backyard furniture, we also carry wood and vinyl pergolasporch swings and gliders, garden bridges and other outdoor accessories.

Furniture Pick Up or Delivery

Outdoor furniture products are available for pick up at our location in Ellington, Connecticut. Please call 860-375-1021 to check availability.

If you would prefer delivery of your patio furniture, we offer delivery services to customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Please call us at 860-375-1021 to get a delivery cost estimate.

We’re Here to Answer Questions or to Take Your Order

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to answer your questions about our outdoor furniture products. While you may order online, we also take phone orders at 860-375-1021.


What type of outdoor furniture will not fade?

Poly furniture is a great type of outdoor furniture that will not fade. Poly furniture has UV inhibitors in the formulation to extend the life of the colors. Even treated wood will fade in a few short years, making poly the preferred outdoor furniture choice to avoid fading.

Should I store away outdoor furniture in the winter?

While it is not required to store away outdoor furniture in the winter, it makes for easier spring cleaning if it is at least covered and not subjected to harsh weather.

What types of poly furniture are best sellers?

By far, Adirondack chairs are the number one best seller for poly furniture, followed by dining sets, and accent tables.

What is the most durable outdoor furniture?

Many pieces of outdoor furniture are constructed of wood or metal, but generally speaking one of the most durable outdoor furniture and long lasting materials used in outdoor furniture is poly or poly wood.

What is the best quality outdoor furniture?

A piece of furniture is only as good as the way that it is built. The best quality outdoor furniture is constructed with outdoor resistant materials such as stainless steel and poly wood and assembled using techniques that have been known to stand the tests of time.

How should I arrange my outdoor furniture?

To maximize the usage of your outdoor space, consider arranging your outdoor furniture in a manner that would mimic the most used spaces inside your home. Think about how the space that you are trying to furnish will first function (ie: dining, living, poolside lounging, etc) and then the way you desire it to flow.