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Insist on Kloter Farms quality. Check out our construction and what makes us proud to offer a 10-year written guarantee.
  1. Joists: pressure treated floor joists – 16″ on center, 12″ on center for 12′ & 14′ wide.
  2. Foundation Beams: pressure treated 4×4 foundation beams – 3 on 8′, 5 on 10′ & 12′, and 7 on 14′ wide.
  3. Sill Plates: full 2×4 sill plates on all four sides.
  4. Walls: full 2×4 kiln dried stud walls – 16″ on center.
  5. Roof Pitch: steeper roof pitches provide more space for overhead loft storage.
  6. End Vents: end vents on both sides provide proper ventilation.
  7. Rafters: 16″ on center double plywood gusseted roof rafters for unmatched strength.
  8. Sheathing: ½” CDX plywood roof sheathing – no particle board.
  9. Shingles: architectural asphalt shingles.
  10. Overhangs: overhangs on all four sides eliminates sidewall streaking from water runoff.
  11. Drip Edge: aluminum drip edge under shingles on all four sides assists water runoff.
  12. Trim: solid vinyl PermaTrim® or Miratec® Trim.
  13. Paint: latex/acrylic exterior paint in your choice of 15 colors.
  14. Windows: windows with screens and shutters, or choose optional windows. Custom placement at no additional charge.
  15. Siding: maintenance-free Duratemp® T-1-11 fir siding or choose optional vinyl siding over ½” plywood.
  16. Door Frames: jacks and headers in all door framing.
  17. Floor: weather and rot-resistant pressure treated ¾” plywood floor.
  18. Doors: reinforced double doors painted on both sides, complete with trim and sturdy hardware.
  19. Soffits: finished soffits for beauty and weather tightness.

10-Year Guarantee

Pure & simple. Because it’s from Kloter Farms. 

Kloter Farms will guarantee your storage building or gazebo for 10 YEARS because we believe in our products and the materials we use. You should expect to enjoy it for many years to come with proper maintenance and care. We will repair or replace any part due to a defect in materials or workmanship for that period. This, of course, does not apply to neglect (lack of care) or abuse. Kloter Farms reserves the right to inspect any claims and pro-rate any repairs deemed necessary.

This guarantee applies only to the products purchased from Kloter Farms and is limited to the product itself. This guarantee is not transferable.

Pure & simple, if you bought it from Kloter Farms, we stand behind our products (and you!) This is why we say… 

“Quality is the foundation on which we build.”

Google Rating
Based on 417 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 417 reviews