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Grand Isle Wicker Sectional by Kloter Farms

Grand Isle Wicker Sectional by Kloter Farms

Synthetic wicker patio furniture is a great addition to your front or backyard! Wicker patio furniture is easy to maintain, comfortable, and provides a classic look. Like any furniture you have outdoors, wicker furniture will require a bit of cleaning to keep the fixtures in their best condition possible. You might be wondering, how to safely clean patio furniture – luckily, this patio furniture is easy to clean so you’ll be back to lounging and relaxing in no time. This blog will easily guide you through the steps of how to keep your patio furniture clean.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture Care

Cleaning synthetic wicker furniture is nothing to stress over. Regular maintenance with any furniture is a normal part of their life cycle. Occasional cleaning will help maintain keep your furniture in its best condition for a lifetime.

Outdoor living is booming right now, with porches, patios, decks, and pool areas all available and ready to be turned into a luxury oasis at home. These spaces have power to extend both the functionality and livability of your home.  Whether you have your patio furniture set up by the pool, or placed as a statement on your front porch, any area can be subject to pollen, dirt and debris. Luckily, wicker furniture makes for easy modern living and can be cleaned in a few simple steps.

Next Level of Outdoor Wicker Furniture by Kloter Farms

Next Level of Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Timeless Design - Complementary Styles Wicker Furniture

Timeless Design – Complementary Styles

Safely Cleaning Wicker Patio Furniture

First step to safely cleaning your wicker patio furniture is removing any parts that are non-wicker. This would include any of the furniture cushions and decorative pillows you may have. We will cover how to clean those later.

For general cleaning, including indoor wicker furniture, light dusting with a microfiber cloth or duster will keep your furniture looking pristine. You can also use a soft paintbrush or tooth brush to get in-between the weaves of the wicker to remove any heavier dust or dirt build up that is stuck on.  

Grand Isle Collection at Kloter Farms

Grand Isle Collection at Kloter Farms

After cleansing any surface level dirt and dust, an all-purpose outdoor cleaner will be your next step. This can be used all over the wicker, especially back into those woven spots where debris might get stuck. An easy and effective cleaner from Bob Villa is ¼ cup of liquid dish soap and two cups of warm water. You can wipe this mixture all over the wicker furniture with a sponge or rag and then rise away the soap. Add one cup of white vinegar to the mixture if you are needing to remove any mold or mildew.

The easiest way to clean your outdoor patio furniture will be to stay outside. You’ll be able to rinse off any soap using a garden hose and allow the furniture to dry naturally in the sun. Excess moisture or pooling water can damage the furniture over time, therefore be sure to clean up any large areas of water during the cleaning process with a towel.

How to Clean Patio Furniture Cushions

Cleaning your patio furniture cushions will be similar to cleaning any indoor upholstery or fabric you may have. Hand washing is recommended, using ¼ cup of mild soap per gallon of water. Clean your patio cushions using a soft sponge and soap solution, then let cushion air dry. You may remove the patio cushion cover in order to clean it, but not all wicker furniture is made the same and some cushions may not be able to zip off.

How to Clean Patio Tables and End Tables

Many synthetic wicker patio tables and end tables come with a tempered glass top. Having a glass top is a key feature on wicker furniture. The glass adds a nice, smooth surface for you to keep your snacks and refreshments. Without it, the slight unevenness of the wicker may cause for spilt liquids, which could be damaging if left untreated.

The best way to keep your wicker tables clean, is to follow the above steps. The glass top can be cleaned with any kind of simple glass cleaner, such as Windex. The top of the table might need to be cleaned more often than the rest of the patio furniture, as dust, pollen, and dirt will be easily visible against the glass.

Kloter Farms Wicker Furniture

It is easy to clean patio furniture, especially wicker. Wicker furniture from Kloter Farms is made using quality, durable materials that are constructed to last for years of enjoyment. High-density synthetic wicker and fully welded, power-coated aluminum framing make up our wicker furniture varieties. Fabrics for our wicker furniture are made from performance fabrics that are resistant to mildew and mold! We strive to make your patio furniture easy to enjoy with as little maintenance as possible.

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