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Outdoor Structure Delivery Service

Everything you need to know to get ready for your delivery day.

What do you need to do?
  1. Stake the 4 corners of your building preparation for the stone pad installation. Learn more about site prep
  2. Indicate the door location on your invoice.
  3. Obtain all necessary building permits.
Is your site ready for delivery?

Site Accessibility – Access for Delivery
(Height & Width Requirements)

  • The truck and trailer must be able to back to the site.
  • Measure the space we need to drive through.
  • Trim tree branches to eliminate damage to the structure (shingles, drip edge, paint, etc.).
  • Be sure height clearance is 14′.
  • Be sure width clearance is 3′ more than overall width (10′ minimum).
  • Poolside style requires clearance 5′ wider than building, allowing for 2′ overhang.
Do you need a permit?

It is your responsibility to contact your town regarding zoning and building permits. They will advise you of any specific issues as to placement, height restrictions, square footage limitations, etc. Anchoring is required in some towns – Kloter Farms provides this service.
Ground Anchor, $45/ea.

Limited Site Access

If you find that after reviewing the height and width requirements (listed above) you have limited access, talk to us about our professional kit installation. Additional charges apply.

Kit Assembly & Crane Installations LEARN MORE ›

We Need Your Help For On Time Delivery

In order to properly orient your building at the site, the structure needs to be loaded onto the trailer in a specific direction. The trailer backs up to the site to unload the building, so let us know where the front of the building should face, driver or passenger side. In the case of a garage with a door on the end – should the door face the cab or the rear of the trailer?

Kloter Farms will arrive at your home on the scheduled delivery date, rain or shine.

In the event of extremely soft, muddy conditions, you may wish to call us and reschedule delivery to prevent getting stuck or creating ruts in your yard.


If you have any questions along the way – we’re here to help!

Google Rating
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Google Rating
Based on 446 reviews