Welcome, the virtual design center is open! Every building is handcrafted according to your exact specifications. View our list of options and tell us what you visualize in your perfect building. Your reward of reasonable and affordable pricing is complemented with customer-centered assistance. Imagine the ultimate excitement when your finished masterpiece distinguishes your property from any other.

Step 1: Select Series

There are three different series of storage buildings, each constructed with the same high quality that Kloter Farms is well-known for. Each series offers several basic rooflines, referred to as “Style” in the next step. The pricing differences you will find are a reflection of: type of exterior siding, trim design, level of detail, finishing materials, flexibility of optional features.

Step 2: Select Style

Are you driven by appearance or functionality? It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to match your home or maximize your storage space. Harmony is easy to achieve, and we will synchronize the progression for you.

Step 3: Select Size

Size (and style) determines the price of your storage buildings. It will also impact the site prep requirements. To best determine the size storage building you need, consider the the types of storage you need: floor, wall or overhead.

What items do you like to store? 

  • Lawn Mower
  • Vehicle 
  • Lawn tractor
  • Motorcycles/ATVs
  • Bicycles 
  • Snow Blower 
  • Wheelbarrow 
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Boat (and trailer)
  • Camping trailer & gear 
  • Work Bench/Tools 
  • Gardening Equipment

Step 4: Select Siding Type

Duratemp T-1-11 siding is a tough surface of engineered composite. Truly low-maintenance genuine fir with rough sawn cedar texture is durable, has long lasting paint and will not crack.

Vinyl siding is maintenance-free, installed over ½” CDX plywood sheathing. Clapboard or shake style vinyl available.

More siding options: Choose from different styles and looks of cedar, pine board & batten, or SmartSide. Learn more ›


Step 5: Build It Your Way

In today’s busy world, couldn’t we all use a little more time to just be? You are welcome to be our guest in a no-pressure, friendly atmosphere. You and your dreams are the focus of our mission. Those dreams become reality when you explore our endless combinations and options. It doesn’t matter if you desire a workshop, gardener’s cottage, art studio, business office, or simply fundamental storage…we will help you design a space that defines you. Choose windows, doors, dormers, interior finishing, roofing materials, second stories, unique architectural effects, and more to make your building have the maximized use, functionality, and beauty.

Step 6: Site Accessibility & Location

No matter where you want it, we can help. Naturally, there are benefits for having truck access. It allows us to get in and out smoothly, there is no added cost, and the entire process can be as quick as 30 minutes. We realize that nothing is perfect, and some properties present obstacles and challenges that we are equipped to get around. Bring us your measurements and photos; we will counsel with you on the best strategy to access your site.

Ideal Locations Are:

  • Flat and Level 
  • Truck Accessible
  • Functional set-up
  • Accessible for intended use
  • Clear of brush, trees & debris
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Able to add value to your home

Step 7: Site Prep – Do I need a foundation?

Many people think that an elaborate set-up is required, when actually; there is a very simple solution. 

A level crushed stone base is worth every minute and every penny spent. 


  • Even support 
  • Exceellent drainage
  • Cleanliness
  • Any size available 
  • Any shape available 
  • No Blocks needed 

Step 8: Delivery

Delivery dates are scheduled at the time you place your order. Our service-driven, professional delivery team will be there, rain or shine. When we deliver your product, it takes as little as one half hour from the time we arrive … to as long as it takes to make you very satisfied.

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